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p144 [W Kelly] MY DEAR BROTHER, - . . . Here there is blessing. I write from a small mountain town, where I have met with the workmen of some ten departments to study the scriptures together, and the Lord has been very gracious to us, and even a good many of the townspeople have come to hear the gospel, though the reproach is excessive. In the country round there are some six hundred brethren, and the work still continues. Further south the work goes on, and all are sensible that though men are slow and there is nothing very extraordinary to attract attention, the Spirit of God is at work through grace, and souls are constantly brought to God, numerous new villages and towns open, and the saints comforted, and in general walking in peace and godliness. It is certainly - though, as I said, there is nothing very outwardly remarkable - a time of blessing, and He has raised up one or two new workmen.

I am off for a five hours' walk up the mountains, to speak (D. V.) to-morrow, Lord's day, at another centre of the work on the skirts of Ard├Ęche and Haute-Loire.

Yours affectionately.

Vernoux, March 17th, 1849.