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p265 [E Meylan] [From the French.] VERY DEAR BROTHER, - I have received your letter: I have been deeply thankful to God for what you tell me of - ; although we must still watch, and watch in praying, against the wiles of the enemy, for it is a pure work of the enemy. . . .

I am at Bristol at present, but inactive on account of my knee, otherwise pretty well, still uncertain whether God will restore to me my bodily strength for active work, but extremely happy, never, I think, so happy, in the consciousness of His love, and in peace. . . . Peace be with you, dear brother; keep near the Lord, and follow His word. You will be surprised at such counsel, but when this fleeting life shall be over, that only shall abide which has been produced by the word. Man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. "The word of God abides for ever." May Christ be our object; if we should go, the rest is with God.

I greet all the brethren affectionately.

Yours affectionately.

Bristol, October, 1858.