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p451 [G Biava] [From the French.] BELOVED BROTHER, - . . . I received the tracts all right, and was surprised to find them so quickly printed, but it is impossible for me to read them at present. All the corrections in detail of the new edition of the French New Testament have come upon me since I came here; English work too, and an incessant correspondence, so that I am rather knocked up with fatigue. But it is always so. . . . I start, God willing, on the 23rd, so there is some hurry.

Dr. Capadose, a man long eminent in the Dutch Reformed Church, a converted Jew, opposed to the brethren, has just published a tract in Dutch - a weighty and urgent one - saying that he separates from every church, whatever it may be, after a year of misery; that such progress in apostasy has been made that any recovery is impossible, and that it is no longer a question of choice between one church and another, but between Christ and Antichrist. I think this will cause some sensation; it will be a testimony. I do not think he sees clearly as to the church, but I have read only half of it. My idea is that he is aiming at Christians gathering together without knowing where God will lead them - just as I did thirty-nine years ago, only I had got the idea of the church, one by its union with Christ. Besides, he openly declares that he no longer belongs to any church whatever, so called; then he insists upon these truths with all Christians.

Here, the brethren get on very well, and there is in general a movement for good.

Your very affectionate brother.

London, June, 1866.