More Writings of Various Authors

The Gospel — Good News!

The Cross A Gospel Address (A. Dockerty)
The Railway Tracts (C. Stanley) There is much more from this author.
God and the World (J. Mawson) There is much more from this author.
Gospel Narratives (W. Wolston) There is much more from this author.
Seekers for Light 14 Addresses to Edinburgh Students (W. Wolston)
Gospel Papers (W Turpin)
God's Glad Tidings. 16 Gospel Addresses (W. Fereday)
The Old Old Story. 19 Gospel Addresses (W. Fereday)
Gospel Tracts 5 Gospel Tracts (W. Fereday)
The Great Salvation 10 Aspects of Salvation (F. B. Hole)
Twenty Gospel Tracts (Wm. Reid & Robt. Wilson)
Gospel Addresses 95 Gospel Addresses (J. Darby)
Gospel Words 144 Gospel Tracts (W. Kelly)
Glad Tidings (C. Mackintosh)
Conversion: What is it? (C. Mackintosh)
Decision for Christ (C. Mackintosh)
Different Conversions (J. Bellett)
"The Gospel of God" (N. Anderson)
Fundamental Truths of Salvation (Edward Dennett)
A Gospel Address (G. V. Wigram)
God's Evangel Gospel Papers (F. Grant)
Salvation Possessed and Known (W. Hocking)
"We believe and are sure." (C. Knapp)
You must prove the Bible true (W. Lowe)
Streams of Refreshing (H. Snell)
The Gospel of Our Salvation (H. Witherby)
The Story of our English Bible (W. Scott)

Histories and Biographies for the Youngnew!

From Scottish Moors To African Swamps. Missionary Life in Uganda (C. J. L.)
The Boyhood of Well-known Christian Men. (G. W.)
Stories of East London or, Peeps into Busy Places. (C. J. L.)
Martyr Tales and Sketches for the young (G. W.)
Mayken Karlzon's Diary, A story of the Inquisition in Spain and Holland. (C. J. L.)
Wycliffe's Work for England (L. Laurenson)
Christianity in Britain (L. Laurenson.)
A Concise History of the Church; Apostolic Era to the Reformation. (Alfred E. Knight)
Persecution and Profession: Church History to the Fifth Century. (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Darkness of the Dark Ages: Church History: A.D. 500 — Reformation. (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Lights and Shadows of the Reformation (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Light Amid the Darkness, as Seen in the Life of Luther (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Heroes of the Reformation: Their Trials and Triumphs. (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)

For the Young

Christian Privileges (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Our Father's Will, History of the Text of the New Testament. (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Four truths Every Christian Should Know About Salvation (E. C. Hadley)
You can have a happy life (E. C. Hadley)
Twelve Bible Dialogues. (H. P. Barker) new!
Royal Service: A Study in Christian Leadership. (H. P. Barker) new!
The Vicar of Christ. Studies regarding the Holy Spirit (H. P. Barker) new!
Christ in the Minor Prophets. (H. P. Barker) new!
Safety, Certainty and Enjoyment (G. Cutting)


"Canst thou by searching find out God?" (Henry Wilson)

Other Books

Justification and Acceptance with God (suggested: A C Ord) new!
Solomon's Temple and Its Teachings (Thomas Newberry) new!
Notes and Reflections on the Psalms (Arthur Pridham) new!
Notes on Genesis (E. L. Bevir)
Summary of Colossians (A. P. Cecil)
Christ and the Assembly (Various)
Ministry for the Church of God (Various)
Messiah the Prince: Matthew's Gospel (L. Laurenson)
Faithful Sayings - Index (S. L. Jacob)
Letters and Papers (T. Powerscourt)
"Thou remainest" (J Wilson Smith)
Moses — The Man of God (G. Andre)
The Eternal Son (E. C. Hadley)
Peace and Joy in Time of Trials (E. C. Hadley)
Needed Needs (J. B. Stoney)
Sanctifying Solitude (J. B. Stoney)
The Eternal Son of the Father (W. R. Dronsfield)
The Incarnation of the Son (W. R. Dronsfield)
The Altar of Ed (J. W. H. Nicols)
"A Christian Conscience"
The Sonship of Christ (R. F. Wall)
Christ Everything
Inclusive and Exclusive (H. J. Vine)
Disciples Indeed (A. Mace)
The Old Paths (J. Mueller)
Psalm 23. A Paean of Praise (Bible reading)
The Holy Scriptures and Creation (L. Gaussen)
Assembly Order (B. C. Greenman, S Ridout and others)