Individual Blessing.

The least of all saints can never be overlooked by Him, or distinguished from others, either in time or eternity. We are loved as individuals, saved and glorified as individuals. The truth is clearly taught in Luke 15, and John also speaks much of our individual blessing, the family of God being his principal theme, as the church of God is Paul's, and the wilderness journey Peter's; yet it is Paul who says, "Who loved me, and gave Himself for me." Paul here speaks as if he were the only one that Christ loved and died for. Faith appropriates what grace reveals. It is only in this way that the heart enjoys the revelations of grace. Understandest thou this O my soul? It is all important. This is the province of faith alone. It makes the blessing, however great, personal. No matter what grace reveals in Christ, as the children's portion, faith is sure to say, "It is mine."
A. Miller.