The Prophetic History of the Church


"Some evils which afflict Christendom and their remedy, as depicted by the Lord's own words to the seven churches." (Rev. 2 and 3.)

by F. W. Grant.

New York: Loizeaux Brothers, Bible Truth Depot, 63 Fourth Avenue.

Lecture 1. Spiritual Decline and the Judaizing of the Church
Lecture 2. Nicolaitanism or, the Rise and Growth of Clerisy
Lecture 3. Establishments, and a Money Basis
Lecture 4. The Woman Jezebel, and the Voice of the Church
Lecture 5. "Ye have reigned as kings without us."
Lecture 6. Sleeping Among the Dead
Lecture 7. Christ's Word and His Name
Lecture 8. What Brings the Time of His Patience to an End