The Story of our English Bible

Its Preservation - Its Compilation - Its Inspiration - Its Translation
Walter Scott.

Lecture 1. The Scriptures are Divine and the Text Divinely Preserved.
Lecture 2. The Perfection of and Verbal Inspiration of the Scriptures.
Lecture 3. The Books and Canon of the Old Testament.
Lecture 4. The Books of the Old Testament.
Lecture 5. The Books and Canon of the New Testament.
Lecture 6. History of the Various English Versions of the Bible.
Lecture 7. Specimens of Translations and Peculiar Renderings.
Lecture 8. The Bible: Its Divisions, Chapters, Verses, Titles, and Subscriptions.

Prefatory Note to Third Impression

We are exceedingly thankful to the Lord that a large edition of our "Story" has been disposed of, and that two further impressions have been called for. We regard this continued interest in the Holy Scriptures as a hopeful sign. The history of the Bible, which is briefly told in those pages, is one of thrilling interest, and we are right glad to know from many that the book has proved a real help.

We will be thankful if friends at home and abroad would kindly do their utmost in making the "Story of our English Bible" known to Christians, and to Christian workers in every sphere of labour.

Once again, we commend the book to the God of all grace, in the fervent hope that He may grant a largely increased circulation.

Your Servant for Christ's sake, Walter Scott.