Darby Disk — Contents

List of Articles by Volume

Considerations addressed to the Archbishop of Dublin and the clergy who signed the petition to the House of Commons for protection.
Considerations on the Nature and Unity of the Church of Christ
The Notion of a Clergyman Dispensationally the sin against the Holy Spirit
Thoughts on the Present Position of the Home Mission
Christian Liberty of Teaching and Preaching the Lord Jesus Christ
Parochial Arrangement Destructive of Order in the Church
The Character of Office in the Present Dispensation
On the Apostasy. What is Succession a Succession of?
The Apostasy of Successive Dispensations
On Lay Preaching
On the Formation of Churches
Some Further Developments of the Principles set forth in the Pamphlet, entitled, "On the Formation of Churches," and reply to some Objections made to those Principles
On Ministry: Its Nature, Source, Power, and Responsibility
Remarks on the State of the Church, in answer to the Pamphlet of Mr. Rochat, entitled, 'A Thread to Help the Simple to Find their Way'
Remarks on the Pamphlet of Mr. F. Olivier, entitled, 'An Essay on the Kingdom of God; followed by a rapid Examination of the Views of Mr. John Darby'
Thoughts on Romans 11, and on the Responsibility of the Church, in Reference to a Pamphlet of Mr. F. Olivier, entitled, "Defence of the Principles laid down in the Pamphlet, 'Essay on the Kingdom of God, etc.'"
On Discipline
A Letter On Separation
Separation from Evil God's Principle of Unity
Grace, the Power of Unity and of Gathering

Reflections Upon The Prophetic Inquiry And The Views Advanced In It
On "Days" Signifying "Years" In Prophetic Language
On The Extended Scope Of Prophecy
The Dispensation Of The Kingdom Of Heaven
The Melchisedec Priesthood Of Christ
A Letter Addressed To -, Parsonstown, In Reply To A Tract, Entitled, 'Three Considerations; Proving Unscriptural The Supposition Of The Personal Reign Of Christ On Earth During The Millennium'
Evidence From Scripture Of The Passing Away Of The Present Dispensation
Divine Mercy In The Church And Towards Israel
Notes On The Revelation
The Purposes Of God
The Hopes Of The Church Of God, In Connection With The Destiny Of The Jews And The Nations, As Revealed In Prophecy. Eleven Lectures:-
1 Introduction
2 The Church And Its Glory
3 The Second Coming Of Christ
4 First Resurrection; Or, Resurrection Of The Just
5 Progress Of Evil On The Earth
6 The Two Characters Of Evil-Ecclesiastical Apostasy, And Civil Apostasy
7 Judgment Of The Nations, Which Become The Inheritance Of Christ And Of The Church
8 Israel's First Entry Into The Land Was The Result Of Promise
9 Israel's Failure And Dispersion; Promises Of Restoration
10 Same Subject, And Manner Of Its Accomplishment
11 Summing Up And Conclusion

The Doctrine Of The Church Of England At The Time Of The Reformation, Of The Reformation Itself, Of Scripture, And Of The Church Of Rome, Briefly Compared With The Remarks Of The Regius Professor Of Divinity
The Covenants
Remarks On Light And Conscience
Operations Of The Spirit Of God
The Resurrection, The Fundamental Truth Of The Gospel
The Doctrine Of The Wesleyans On Perfection; And Their Employment Of Holy Scripture As To This Subject
On The Presence And Action Of The Holy Ghost In The Church: In Answer To The Work Of Mr. P. Wolff, Entitled "Ministry As Opposed To Hierarchism And Chiefly To Religious Radicalism"
Remarks On The Presence Of The Holy Ghost In The Christian
A Few Remarks Connected With The Presence And Operation Of The Spirit Of God In The Body, The Church
A Letter To The Saints In London As To The Presence Of The Holy Ghost In The Church
What Is The Church?

A Glance At Various Ecclesiastical Principles, And Examination Of The Foundations On Which The Institutions Of The Church On Earth Are Sought To Be Based In Reply To Various Writings
Considerations On The Character Of The Religious Movement Of The Day, And On The Truths By Which The Holy Ghost Acts For The Good Of The Church
The Church And Its Friendly Subdivisions In Reply To Mr. R. W. Monsell
Scriptural Views Upon The Subject Of Elders In Answer To A Tract, Entitled "Are Elders To Be Established?"
Examination Of A Few Passages Of Scripture, The Force Of Which Has Been Questioned In The Discussion On The New Churches; With Remarks On Certain Principles Alleged In Support Of Their Establishment
Observations On A Tract, Entitled "Plymouthism In View Of The Word Of God"
What Has Been Acknowledged? Or The State Of The Controversy About Elders; Followed By A Short Answer To An Article Of Mons. De Gasparin
An Appeal To The Conscience Of Those Who Are The Title Of "Elders Of The Evangelical Church At Geneva"; And A Reply To One Of Them
A Letter To Count De Gasparin In Answer To A Question Which He Puts To Me In The "Archives Du Christianisme"
Reply To Two Fresh Letters From Count De Gasparin, Published In The "Archives Du Christianisme," Of December 23, 1854, And February 24, 1855
A Short Answer To The Last Article By Count De Gasparin, Published In The "Archives Du Christianisme"

Notes On The Apocalypse
Studies On The Book Of Daniel
Remarks On A Part Of Daniel
Enquiry As To The Antichrist Of Prophecy
Signs Of Antichrist
Questions Of Interest As To Prophecy
Outline Of The Revelation
Remarks On The Seven Churches
Seven Lectures On The Prophetical Addresses To The Seven Churches
The Principles Displayed In The Ways Of God, Compared With His Ultimate Dealings

The Irrationalism Of Infidelity: Being A Reply To "Phases Of Faith"
To Francis William Newman
How, and how far, can God be known by man?
Principles on which the Examination is carried on
Animus of the Examination
God is excluded
General Principles
Genealogy in Matthew
Alleged Mistakes in Acts 7:16
Discourse of Gamaliel, Acts 5
The Slaughter of the Infants
Zacharias, Son of Barachias
Names of the Apostles
Harmonizing the Gospels
The Rivers in Paradise
The Sentence on the Serpent: Serpent Worship
Two Accounts of the Creation
Opinion of Dr. Arnold of Rugby
The Longevity of the Patriarchs
The Ark
The Entrance of Death
The Fall
Objections dependent on "Science"
The Song of Deborah
The Sacrifice of Isaac
Mr. Newman's Notions of Inspiration
The Deluge
Abraham and Sarah, and Isaac and Rebekah, in Egypt
"Small Phrases"
Quotations from the Old Testament
The Prophecy of Enoch
Paul's Recognition of the Old Testament
The Introduction to Luke's Gospel
Demoniacal Possession
Character of John's Gospel
Star of the Magi
Herod's Massacre of the Children
Egypt and Nazareth
Character of Luke's Gospel
Character of John's Gospel
Cures effected by Napkins
Catching away of Philip
Curse on the Barren Fig-Tree
The Tribute-money
Useless Miracles
Divine Sympathies-Rending of the Veil
The Earthquake
The Miracles of Elijah and Elisha
The Death of Uzzah
Abimelech, and Esau
Abraham's Visitors at Mamre. Elijah's Ravens
Arnold on the Gospels
Elohistic and Jehovistic Sources of Mosaic History
Difficult Narratives
Noah and the Flood
Pharaoh and Abimelech
Double Account of Circumcision
Of the Name of Isaac
Jacob named Israel. Bethel
The Name Jehovah, Elohim, El-Shaddai
Twofold Miracle of the Quails
The Water: Aaron's Rod: the Rock: Meribah
Double Consecration of Aaron and his Sons
Double Promise of a Guardian Angel
Death of Aaron
Joshua arresting the Sun and Moon
Song of Moses
Fragments of Poetry
Book of the Law found by Josiah
The Samaritans
Hezekiah's Prophets
Dean Graves
Sham Science
Mr. Newman's Hebrew Monarchy
The Revelation, especially Chapter 17
The Author of the Epistle to the Hebrews
The Song of Solomon
Insignificance and Significance
Paul misrepresented
The Testimony of Christ
Revelation of God
Paul's Reasonings like Gamaliel's-Plato, Philo, the Targums
Faith at Second Hand
Divine Truth communicated by God. Adequate Proofs
Conquest of Canaan
Purification of the Temple
Assumption of God speaking from Without
Simon Magus and Demas
Christians under Constantine
Acts 13:33-35
Isaiah 55, 50, 53; Psalm 22; Zechariah 12, 13
Daniel 9
Matthew 24:32 to 25:30; and Daniel 12
Daniel 12
The Apocalypse
Coming of the Lord
Daniel, and Desolation to the Time of the End
Prophecies of the Pentateuch
The Old Testament a Continuous History
The Gospels
The Discourses of the Lord
Special Views of Christ's Person
John's Account of the Raising of Lazarus, and of the Healing of the Man born blind .
Characteristics of John's Testimony
Observations on Miracles
Mr. Newman's Remarks on Tongues
Paul's Preaching of a Glorified Christ: Peter's Witnessing
Modern Logic
Zechariah and Jeremiah
Christ's Ascension
Faith and Conscience
Is God Otiose, or Active in Grace?

Brief Scriptural Evidence On The Doctrine Of Eternal Punishment, For Plain People
A Letter To G. V. Wigram, Containing Brief Comments On "The Reply Of Philomath To The Brief Scriptural Evidence Of The Doctrine Of Eternal Punishment For Plain People"
Scriptural Enquiries As To Some Of The Doctrines Contained In J. P. Ham's Theological Tracts
Scriptural Enquiry As To The Doctrine Of Eternal Punishment Contained In J. P. Ham's Theological Tracts
Scriptural Enquiries As To The Doctrine Of Atonement, In Reference To J. P. Ham's Theological Tracts
On Worship
Deliverance From Under The Law, As Stated In The Holy Scriptures
The Sufferings Of Christ
A Man In Christ"
The Word Of God And The Priesthood Of Christ
The Righteousness Of God
1 Peter 2:24
A Letter On The Righteousness Of God
The Pauline Doctrine Of The Righteousness Of Faith

An Examination Of The Statements Made In The "Thoughts On The Apocalypse," By B. W. Newton; And An Enquiry How Far They Accord With Scripture
Answer To A "Letter To The Brethren And Sisters Who Meet For Communion In Ebrington Street"
Answer To A "Second Letter To The Brethren And Sisters Who Meet For Communion In Ebrington Street"
A Brief Notice Of A Tract Entitled "Remarks On The Seventh Chapter Of Daniel"

Dialogues on the Essays and Reviews
Christianity and the Education of the World
What has the Bible Taught? And What has Geology Proved
Modern Philosophy and Modern Theology both compared with Scripture
Inspiration and Interpretation
Remarks on Rationalist Views

The 'Notes On Leviticus And The 'Quarterly Journal Of Prophecy'
Brethren And Their Reviewers
Brief Notice Of The 'Record's Comments On "J. N. D.'s" Letter
Further Remarks Upon Righteousness And Law: With Answers To Different Objections
Divine Righteousness
The Rule Of Life: What Is It?
On The Humanity Of Christ
Letter On Free-Will
The New Birth
Approach To And Delight In God.
Sins And Sin
Who Is A Priest And What Is A Priest?
A Fragment On Repentance
On Repentance
The Christian Position As To Life And The Spirit
Is The Comforter Come? And Is He Gone?
Is The Coming Of Christ For His Saints The Proper Hope Of The Church?
The Sabbath: Or, Is The Law Dead, Or Am I?
The Intercession Of Christ
How To Get Peace
The Immortality Of The Soul; An Enquiry Into The Meaning Of Words, The True Force Of Which Is Denied By Such As Reject The Immortality Of The Soul
On Reconciliation
The Two Resurrections
What Do The Scriptures Teach Concerning Judgment To Come?

Remarks On Three Tracts Entitled "Signs Of The Coming Of The Lord: For Whom Are They Given?"
A Few Brief Remarks On "A Letter On Revelation 12"
Elements Of Prophecy, In Connection With The Church, The Jews, And The Gentiles
Brief Analysis Of The Book Of Daniel
Short But Serious Examination Of The Fundamental Principles Issued By Mr. Gaussen In His Book Entitled "Daniel The Prophet"
What Saints Will Be In The Tribulation?
The Rapture Of The Saints And The Character Of The Jewish Remnant
Are There Two Half Weeks In The Apocalypse ?
The Blessing Of The Tribes By Jacob
The Coming Of The Lord And The Translation Of The Church
Brief Thoughts On The Apocalypse
Lectures On The Second Coming Of Christ-
Lecture 1-1 Thessalonians 1
Lecture 2-Ephesians 1
Lecture 3-Revelation 12
Lecture 4-Romans 11
Lecture 5-Matthew 13
Lecture 6-Daniel 2:19-49; Chap. 7
Brief Remarks On The Work Of Rev. David Brown, D.D., Entitled, "Christ's Second Coming: Is It Pre-Millennial?"

Notes Of Sermons-
The Woman Of Samaria
The Ten Virgins
The Living Water
God Speaking From Heaven
The Wheat And The Tares
Adam And Christ
Life In Resurrection
Washing The Disciples' Feet
God For Us
Jesus, The Resurrection And The Life
The Parables
The Sufferings Of Christ
Parable Of The Sower
Christ As The Searcher Of Hearts
Two Warnings And An Example
God's Grace And Man's Need
Parables Of Luke 15
"No More Conscience Of Sins"
Growth Through The Truth
Why Do I Groan?
The Prodigal With The Father
"The Counsel Of Peace"
Christ, Or Antichrist
Man's Responsibility And God's Promises
The Church, An Habitation Of God Through The Spirit
Carnal Confidence, And The Confidence Of Faith
The Marriage Supper Of The King's Son
Wilderness Grace
The Passage Of The Red Sea
Balaam, Hired Of Balak, And Used Of God
The Rejected Man
Cain, His World, And His Worship
The Accepted Man
Moses Veiled, And The Glory Of God In The Face Of Jesus Christ
The Church In The Wilderness In The Vision Of God
A Christian-Who And What Is He Now And Hereafter?
The Church-What Is It? Her Power, Hopes, Calling, Present Position, And Occupation
Christ's Cross, And God's "Due Time"
Faith And Its Footsteps

On Colossians 1:19
On Haggai 2:59
Scriptural Criticisms
Psalm 68
On the Greek Article
Additional Notes on the Greek Article
Brief Hints on the Greek Article
Greek Particles and Prepositions
Two Letters on the Greek Aorist in Translating the New Testament
The Greek Aorist
The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times
Preface to the German Testament
Preface to the Vevay New Testament, 1859
The Sinai Ms and Tischendorf's English New Testament
The Bearing of Romans 5:12-21
Washed, Sanctified
Is it "Washing," or "Laver," in Ephesians 5:26?
The Similarity of The Epistle of Jude and One Part of the Second Epistle of Peter
Likeness and Image
A Letter on the Sprinkling of Blood
Heads of Psalms
The Basket of Firstfruits
Obedience and Sprinkling of the Blood of Jesus Christ
Suffering in the Flesh 1 Peter 4:6
On 2 Corinthians 5:10
The Antichrist, Properly So Called
The Force of "The Last Day" in John 6
The Allusion in "The Last Trump"
Luke 21 Compared with Matthew 24
Rightly Dividing the Word
The Sermon on the Mount
Form of Prayer
Angels and the Law
Ananias and Sapphira
The Third and Seventh Day
2 Thessalonians 3
The Church of Christ
Difference of kainov" and nevo"
palaiov" and ajrcai~o", and Relation to nevo"  and kainov"
Difference of ajpov and ejk
Breaking of Bread, etc.
John 15:7, 16
Mark 11:24
John 6:51 and 2 Corinthians 3:18
Exodus 20
Sanctification and Justification

On Gifts and Offices in the Church
The House Of God; The Body Of Christ; And The Baptism Of The Holy Ghost
What Is The Church, As It Was At The Beginning? And What Is Its Present State?
The Church-The House And The Body
Matthew 16
Reply To The Remarks In Two Leading Articles Of The Christian Journal, Entitled "Our Separating Brethren"
The Claims Of The Church Of England Considered; Being The Close Of A Correspondence Between The Rev. James Kelly, Of Stillogan, Ireland, And J. N. Darby
Review Of A. Sermon, Preached By The Rev. G. M. Innes, In The Quebec Cathedral, On Sunday, April 5, 1868, And Published In The "Quebec Mercury," April 9
What The Christian Has Amid The Ruin Of The Church; Being A Reply To Certain Articles In The "Jamaica Magazine"
On Ecclesiastical Independency
Remarks Upon "The British Churches In Relation To The British People; By E. Miall"
Presbyterianism: A Reply To "The Church And The Pulpit"
Letter To A Christian Friend, In Reply To A Presbyterian Minister, On The Subject Of The Law, The Sabbath, Ministry, And The Sacraments
Dr. Capadose And The Dutch Reformed Church
What Is A Sect?

Remarks On A Tract Circulated By The Irvingites Entitled "A Word Of Instruction"
A Letter To A Clergyman On The Claims And Doctrines Of Newman Street
Observations On A Tract Entitled, "Remarks On The Sufferings Of The Lord Jesus: A Letter Addressed To Certain Brethren And Sisters In Christ, By B. W. Newton"
A Plain Statement Of The Doctrine On The Sufferings Of Our Blessed Lord, Propounded In Some Recent Tracts In Extracts Taken From The Author's Writings
Notice Of The Statement And Acknowledgment Of Error Circulated By Mr. Newton
Observations On "A Statement From Christians In Ebrington Street"
Remarks On "A Letter On Subjects Connected With The Lord's Humanity"
Addition To Observations On A Tract Entitled "Remarks On The Sufferings Of The Lord Jesus"
The Bethesda Circular
The Christ Of God, The True Centre Of Union
Letter To The Rev. Mr. Guers On The Subject Of His Note On The Errors Of Mr. B. W. Newton
On Aitkenism
Christ, The Banished One
Brief Analysis Of The Epistle To The Hebrews, In Connection With The Priesthood Of Christ: With Reply To Some Tracts On The Latter Subject
Superstition Is Not Faith; Or, The True Character Of Romanism
Remarks On Puseyism
Remarks On "The Church And The World"

How To Know The Will Of The Father
"I Will Guide Thee With Mine Eye"
"The Spirit, Not Of Fear, But Of Power"
Faith Furnished For The Evil Day
Thoughts On The Experience Of Abraham And Of Jacob
The Failure Of The Sons Of Aaron
The Altar Of Abraham
The Sufferings And The Praises Of Christ
Sifted As Wheat; Or, Simon Peter
"The Last Words Of David"
The Heart Of Christ About His Own, Poured Forth Into The Heart Of The Father
God's Rest, The Saint's Rest
The Call Of The Bride
"Peace-My Peace"
God's Dwelling With Men
Dead And Risen With Christ
The Christian's Nature And Relationship To God
God For Us
Reflections On Mixed Marriages
The Prayer In Ephesians 3 Compared With That In Ephesians 1
The Path And Character Of The Christian
Sanctification, Without Which There Is No Christianity
The Earnest Of The Inheritance
Christ The Faithful Witness
The Hope Of The Christian
Christian Devotedness
Genesis 22
Joshua 5
Psalm 84
Thoughts On 1 Samuel 1 And 2
The Wish Of Paul In Chains
Are You Praising With Christ?
The Communion Of Abraham With God
Abraham And Lot
Jesus, The Author And Finisher Of Faith
Our Joy In Heaven
Grace Rejected, And Heavenly Glory Opened
Glorying In The Cross
The Love Of God
Christian Experience
Christ's Place Ours
The Man Christ Jesus
The Good Shepherd And The Sheep
The Power Of Christ In Resurrection (Thoughts On Philippians 3 And Mark 10)
The Believer Entering Into God's Rest
Life In The Son
The Presence Of The Spirit In John 14 Compared With Chapters 15 And 16
"As Is The Heavenly"
"We Have This Treasure"
The Way Of A Christian's Power The Love Of Christ, And The Experience That Flows From It
Our Relations To Christ
Affliction's Lessons

Practical Reflections On The Psalms
Practical Reflections On The Proverbs (Chaps. 1-8)
The Whole Armour Of God
The Love Of God
Divine Perfectness Of Love
The Capacity For Knowing Divine Love
What Is Death?
What Is The Responsibility Of The Saints?
The Saints' Praise As Taught And Led By Christ (Psalms 19 To 22)
Psalm 69
Promise Fulfilled And God Revealed In Grace
The Resurrection
To Him That Overcometh
Philippians 2 And 3
Philippians 3 And 4
On The Philippians
Brief Thoughts On The Philippians (Chaps, 1-4)

Address To His Roman Catholic Brethren, By A Minister Of The Gospel
Second Address To His Roman Catholic Brethren, By A Minister Of The Gospel
Romanism: Or, An Answer To The Pamphlet Of A Romish Priest, Entitled "The Law And The Testimony"
Analysis Of Dr. Newman's Apologia Pro Vita Sua: With A Glance At The History Of Popes, Councils, And The Church
Christianity Not Christendom
Familiar Conversations On Romanism:-
First Conversation: Faith Is In God And His Word, Not In The Church
Second Conversation: The Forgiveness Of Sins: Purgatory

A Brief Outline Of The Books Of The Bible
Hints On The Book Of Genesis: Being The Substance Of Remarks At A Scripture Reading
The First Man And The Second
Genesis 3
History Of Abram
Lot's Choice: A Word On Present Advantage
Outline Of The Book Of Genesis
The Passover And The Red Sea
The Red Sea And The Wilderness
'Shew Me Now Thy Way'
Hints On The Tabernacle
Hints On The Sacrifices In Leviticus
On The Offerings, And The Consecration Of The Priesthood
Hints On The Day Of Atonement
The Day Of Atonement
Hints On The Feasts Of Jehovah
On The Covering Of The Holy Vessels
The Feasts
The Pleasant Land Despised
Numbers 15
Law And Priestly Grace
The Red Heifer
The Faithfulness Of God Seen In His Ways With Balaam
Joshua 1-13
Joshua 1
Christ As Our Food
Joshua 5
Sketch Of Joshua
Gideon, God's Mighty Man Of Valour
Thoughts On Ruth
Thoughts On 1 Samuel
Jonathan: A Word On Working With God
Thoughts On 2 Samuel

Narrative Of The Facts, Connected With The Separation Of The Writer From The Congregation Meeting In Ebrington Street
Letter To The Saints Meeting In Ebrington Street On The Circumstances Which Have Recently Occurred There
Account Of The Proceedings At Rawstorne Street, In November And December, 1846, With An Answer To The "Reasons" Circulated In Justification Of The Refusal Of Mr. Newton To Meet The Brethren,
Part 1.
Part 2. Being The Answer To The "Reasons"
Part 3. The Principles Involved
Supplement. Notes On The "Correspondence" And "Remonstrance"
What Investigation Has There Been At Plymouth?
Summary Of The Meetings In London, February, 1847
Two Letters As To Plymouth
To The Brethren At Rawstorne Street
Letter On The Confession Of Error By Some
Letter Of Acknowledgment As To Plymouth
Indifference To Christ: Or Bethesdaism, Extracted From A Private Letter
The Church, Which Is His Body: A Letter On A.R.D.'s Few Thoughts As To The Position Of Saints Gathered In The Name Of The Lord
God, Not The Church, The Teacher By His Word: Being A Letter On Dr. Manning's Sermon. By A Stranger Passing Through Hereford
Ditto, Part 2
Discipline And Unity Of The Assembly
Baptism Not The Communication Of Life
Reply To Defence Of The Doctrine Of Baptismal Regeneration By The Bishop Of Ossory, Leighlin And Ferns
Extract From A Letter, In Reply To Some Questions On The Lord's Supper
Disendowment Disestablishment: A Word To The Protestants Of Ireland, In A Letter To The Ven. Archdeacon Stopford
Remarks On A Book Entitled, "Is Modern Christianity A Civilised Heathenism?"
What Is The Unity Of The Church?
Episcopacy: What Ground Is There In Scripture Or History For Accounting It An Institution Of God?
Churches And The Church
Thoughts On The Church
The Vaudois
Brief Remarks On The Spirit And The Assembly
Remarks On 2 Timothy

Man Fallen And The Seed Of The Woman
The Blood Of The Lamb
Christ A Sweet Savour To God For Us
How Should Man Be Just With God?
Jesus Dependent
Jesus Christ The Righteous
Jehovah My Shepherd
The Soul In Adversity Considered
God's House And The Way
"Come Unto Me"
Jesus The Sufferer
Christ Dealing With Conscience And Heart
The Sufferings Of Christ
The Robber Saved
The Word Made Flesh
The Presence Of The Holy Ghost On Earth Consequent On Christ's Exaltation To The Right Hand Of God
Born Again
Notes Of An Address On John 3
The Well Of Water
Rivers Of Living Water
"Before Abraham Was, I Am"
The Resurrection And Life
Constancy Of Christ Our Comforter
Christ The Hope, And The Holy Ghost, With Our Responsibility
Christ On High, And The Holy Ghost Here Below
The Son Pleading
Jesus The Willing Captive
The Exercises And End Of Grace
Lost Or Saved
Death With Christ
How Are We Saved?
God's Wisdom In Christ
Christ And The Spirit
Indwelling Of The Holy Ghost
An Epistle Of Christ
The Christian A Representative Of Christ
The Two Ministries
Death To The Believer
The Power Of Life In Christ Risen
In Christ
Blessed Through Faith
Not Law But Promise
Sovereign Grace In Christ
Our Portion In Christ
Growing Up Into Christ
The Panoply Of God
Christ And His Reconciliation
The Freshness Of Faith
Promise Of Life
The Saving Grace Of God
The Suffering Son Of Man
Purged With Blood
The Will Of God, The Work Of Christ, And The Witness Of The Holy Ghost

Third Conversation-The Word Of God And The Church
Fourth Conversation-Infallibility
Fifth Conversation-Holiness
Sixth Conversation-Apostolicity And Succession
The Testimony Of God; Or The Trial Of Man, The Grace And The Government Of God
Connection Of The Cross With The Entire Development Of God's Ways With Man

Letter On The Divine Inspiration Of The Holy Scriptures; Or, Remarks On The Letter Of Resignation Of M. Le Professeur Edmond Scherer
On The Work Of Christ; Or Remarks On The Second Letter Of Mr, Edmond Scherer
Remarks On "Christianity And Modern Progress," By The Rev. A. Raleigh, D.D.
Dr. Colenso And The Pentateuch
Scripture: The Place It Has In This Day What Do I Learn From Scripture?
Either In Adam Or In Christ?
Evangelical Protestantism And The Biblical Studies Of M. Godet
On The Putting Away Of Sin
Review Of J. Pearsall Smith On "Holiness Through Faith"
Letter On Mr. J.P.S.'s "Holiness Through Faith"
The Effect Spiritually Of "Holiness Through Faith"
Brief Remarks On "An Address For The Promotion Of Scriptural Holiness"
Dr. Bonar On Christ's Work
Review Of Dr. Bonar's Work Entitled "The Rent Veil"
Cleansing And Deliverance
Cleansing By Water: And What It Is To Walk In The Light
"Higher Holiness." A Review Of Dr. A. Moody Stuart's Closing Address As Moderator Of The General Assembly Of The Free Church Of Scotland
Scriptural Unity And Union
Short Introduction To Romans
Summary Of The Epistle To The Romans
Thoughts On Romans, Colossians, Ephesians
Judgment-Seat Of God And Of Christ
Letter On Original Sin
Death For A Christian: Three Letters To A Mother And Her Daughter

The Gospel According To Matthew
Chapter 28
On The Gospel Of Matthew
Matthew's Gospel
Matthew 24, 25
Mark's Gospel
Compared View Of The First Three Gospels

Compared View Of The First Three Gospels (Part 2)
Relative Order Of Three Synoptic Gospels
Notes On The Gospel Of Luke
On The Gospel Of Luke:-Chapters 4-13
On The Gospel According To John
Meditations On The Acts Of The Apostles

Outline Of The Epistle To The Romans
Notes On Romans
Exposition Of The Epistle To The Romans
Notes Of Readings On 1 Corinthians
Notes Of Readings On 2 Corinthians
What Death Is To The Christian

Notes On The Epistle To The Ephesians
Substance Of A Reading On Ephesians
Comparison Of The Epistles To The Romans And The Ephesians
Comparison Of Epistles
What God Is To Us In Christ
The Prayers In Ephesians 1:15-23 And 3:14-21
"Not Of The World"
Elect Of God, Holy And Beloved
Ephesians 1:9
The Power That Works In Us
Grace And Government
Thoughts On Ephesians 4
Growing Up In Christ
The Christian Walk
"Christ Loved The Church"
Conflict In Heavenly Places
Brief Notes On The Epistle To The Philippians
The Book Of Experience
Thoughts On Philippians 2
The Effect Of Christ Down Here
The Effect Of Christ In Glory
Thoughts On Philippians 4
The Superiority Of Christ Over Circumstances
Notes On The Epistle To The Colossians
Notes On The Beginning Of Colossians
All In Christ And Christ All: A Word On Spoilings And Beguilings
Dead With Christ, Risen With Christ
Notes On The Epistles To The Thessalonians
"I Will Come Again"
Notes On 1 And 2 Timothy
Notes Of A Discourse On 1 Timothy 1
Propitiation And Substitution
On Rule
Fragmentary Remarks
Notes Of A Lecture On Titus 2:11-14
Notes On The Epistle To The Hebrews

Notes On The Epistle To The Hebrews
All Of One
"What Is Man?"
Christ's Work And Its Consequences
Christ's Coming, Faith's Crowning
Burning And Eating The Sacrifices
Obedience The Saint's Liberty
Brief Exposition Of The Epistle Of James
Notes On The Epistle Of James
Reading On 1 Peter 1 And 2
Sanctified, Purged, And Kept
Our Pilgrimage, Priesthood, And Suffering
Are You Brought To God?
Grace And Government
Partaker Of The Divine Nature
Notes On The First Epistle Of John
Notes On The Second Epistle Of John
Notes On The Third Epistle Of John
Fellowship With The Father And The Son
The Positiveness Of Life In Christ
The Love Of God, The Love Of Saints, And Overcoming The World
The Three Who Are Witnessing: "The Spirit, And The Water, And The Blood
Notes On The First Epistle Of John
Epistle Of Jude
On The Apocalypse
Outline Of The Revelation

Familiar Conversations On Romanism-The Mass
The Distinct Character Of The Several Writings Of The New Testament
Have We A Revelation From God?
Inspiration And Revelation
The Question And The Crisis
Union In Incarnation, The Root Error Of Modern Theology
Christological Pantheism
The Atonement
Propitiation And Substitution
The Way Of Holiness
Forgiveness And Liberty
On The Delusion Of Death To Nature, And The Misuse Of Laodicea
The Gospel And The Church According To Scripture Being A Review Of "Church Doctrine, Bible Truth" By The Rev. M. S. Sadler

A Few Words On Elijah
Brief Thoughts On 1 Chronicles 11-17
Notes On 1 Chronicles 13-17
Notes On 2 Chronicles 18-20
The Work Of The House Of God And The Workmen Therein, Ezra 3
On The Book Of Job, Especially Chapter 9
How The Lord Accepted Job, Chapter 42
The Psalms
Psalm 4
Psalm 8
Christ's Association Of Himself With His People On Earth, Psalm 16
Thoughts On Psalm 16
Psalm 25
Psalm 40
Psalms 42-72, Especially Psalms 45 And 68
Psalm 63
Psalm 72
Psalm 84
Thoughts On Psalm 91, 102
Psalm 93
God's Comforts The Stay Of The Soul, Psalm 94
On The Psalms, Especially 110
Heads Of Psalms 1 To 150
Practical Reflections On The Psalms
Song Of Solomon
General Remarks On The Prophetic Word
Thoughts On Isaiah The Prophet
Remarks On The Prophetic Word (Contd.) Jeremiah-Malachi
Notes On The Gospel Of Matthew, Chapter 16 To 28
Thoughts On The Revelation

Familiar Conversations On Romanism-Transubstantiation
Examination Of The Book Entitled "The Restitution Of All Things"
On The Greek Words For Eternity And Eternal
Dr. Farrar On "Everlasting," "Damnation," And "Hell"
Natural And Supernatural
Science And Scripture
Christ On The Cross
"God For Us"
The State Of The Soul After Death
Christ In Colossians 1
Our Relationships To Christ
Christ: His Work And Testimony
The Christian's Life In Christ
The Christian Not Of The World
Christian Life
Christ In Heaven And The Holy Spirit Sent Down
On Sealing With The Holy Ghost
Church And Privileges
Letter On The Sufferings Of Christ
Power In The Church; Or, Not Imitation, But Obedience In The Sense Of Present Ruin
A Short Reply To "Landmarks," No. 6, Of The S.P.C.K.
Reply To Judge Marshall's Tract On The Tenets Of The Plymouth Brethren (So-Called)
Present And Eternal, And Governmental Forgiveness Of Sins
Fellowship And The Right State For It
Correspondence On Recent Matters
The Spirit, The Water, And The Blood
Propitiation, Substitution, And Atonement
Sin In The Flesh
Called And Chosen
Book Of Life
Does The Spirit Work Alike In All Men?
Divine Life
Principles Of Gathering

God In His Essence And Attributes The Most High
A Few Words On The Trinity
The Absolute
The Relative And The Absolute
Self-Consciousness And The Infinite Examination Of Mill's Logic
Miracles And Infidelity
On Mysticism
On The Government Of God And His Counsels In Grace
The Coming Of The Lord That Which Characterises
The Christian Life
The Olive, The Vine, And The Fig-Tree
The Value Of Scripture Knowledge
Some Observations On The Scripture Lessons Of The Board Of Education
A Letter On A Serious Question Connected With The Irish Education Measures Of 1832
Speech Delivered At A Meeting Held For The Purpose Of Promoting Scriptural Education
Deliverance From The Law Of Sin
Progress Of Democratic Power, And Its Effect On
The Moral State Of England
Four Things We Have In Christ
"This One Thing"
The Believer's Place In Christ
The Narrative Of Passion-Week, And Of The Resurrection
The Facts Of The Lord's Resurrection, In Their Relative Order
The Closing Commissions In The Gospels
The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints
The Public Ruin Of The Church
Letter on "Apostasy" {Also published as 'The Bridegroom Cometh'}
The Person Of The Lord
The Humiliation Of Christ

Review Of "Lectures On The Second Advent," And "The Apocalypse Unfulfilled"
Reply To An Article In The "Zionsbote" Upon "Darbyism"
A Letter On A Pamphlet By Mr. F. Olivier, Entitled, "The Body Of Christ, And A Misunderstanding On The Subject "Is The One Body" The Ground Of Gathering?
New Lump
Comments On "Christ And Sanctification"
On Everlasting Punishment; Remarks On A Paper Of Rev. S. Minton
Letter On Immortality And Everlasting Punishment
The Deity Of Christ And What Constitutes Christianity; Being An Answer To The Inquiries Of A Unitarian Student Of Divinity
Letters On The Revised New Testament
Letter On The Parables Of The Thirteenth Of Matthew
A Note On The Parables Of The Treasure And The Net
On The Gospel Of John
On The Epistle To The Romans
Romans 7 And 8
Romans 9
Note On The Application Of The Types Of The Red Sea And Jordan

An Introduction To The Bible
Notes On The Epistle To The Galatians
The True Path Of A Christian
Acts 20:28
What Is The World, And What Is Its End?
"For Me And Thee"
The "Ifs" Of Scripture
The Place Of Sacrifice In The Ways Of God
Fragmentary Thoughts On Revelation
The Burnt-Offering; The Meat-Offering; The Peace-Offering
Omniscience-God's Searchings  (The Only Ground Of Practical Holiness)
God's Ways And Testimony
On Matthew 13
Waiting And Working For Christ
"My Delights Were With The Sons Of Men" The Saviour And The Sinner
A Servant For Ever
Christ For My Sins; And Christ For My Cares
The Father Seeking Worshippers
The Pool Of Bethesda
The Feast Of Tabernacles
Christ Departing To The Father
The Father's House
Our Responsibility
Christ's Desires For The Christian
The Responsible Man, And The Man Of Purpose
A Word On Cleaving To The Lord; Addressed To Young Converts
Thoughts On Galatians 3
Romans Compared With Other Epistles
The Character Of Christian Life
The Law, And The Gospel Of The Glory Of Christ
The Gospel Of The Glory
The New Creation
The Lord Jesus In Humiliation And Service
Colossians Compared With Romans And Ephesians
Meetness And Growth
Risen With Christ
The Life Of Christ In The Believer

A Few Helpful Remarks
The Glories of the Cross
A Letter on Atonement
Notes of Readings-Luke 15
Notes of Readings-John 14
The Father's House-John 14
Notes of an Address-John 14
Notes of Readings-The Acts
Notes of Readings (1881)-Ephesians
Notes of a Reading (1847)-What is the Church?
Canaan and the Armour of God-Ephesians 6:10-20
An Address-Colossians 1
Notes of a Private Conversation
General Remarks on Philippians
An Outline of the Epistle to the Philippians
An Address on Philippians 2
An Address on Philippians 3
Thoughts on 2 Timothy for the Closing Days
Eternal Life Manifested in Jesus
The Eternal Sonship of Christ The Rest, the Word, and the Priesthood

The Names and Titles of Christ Used in the Gospels and the Acts
The Names of the Lord in the Epistles
Passages in Which Each Name Occurs
Nearness to Christ and Its Effects
A Call to Gilgal
Miscellaneous Notes on the Epistles
Justification and Righteousness-Romans 1
Christian Place and Power-Romans 6
The Vail-2 Corinthians 3.
The Vail on Moses' Face
The Vail Done Away in Christ
The Vail on the Heart of Israel
Christ Dwelling in the Heart-Ephesians 3:14-21
To Live-Christ. Philippians
Notes of the Meeting of Brethren at Guelph, Ontario. 1 John 3:4
Copy of Notes from a Notebook of J.N.D.-1 John 4 . 2:
Notes on Revelation

38 Newly collated articles
True Greatness, fragment.
None but Thyself, poem.
"His praise shall continually be in my mouth" Phil. 4.
What characterises the Christian & secures his blessing Rom. 8.
Part with Christ Jn 13:1-17 Unrevised notes of a lecture.
"The Lord's testing & love."
"Some better thing."
The true grace of God wherein ye stand, like "Why do I groan."
God manifested and Glorified, Unrevised notes of a Lecture.
What the world is and how a Christian can live in it.
Evil thoughts unbidden & hated.
The Unsought love of God.
Man's heart & God's heart, (also as Man's Hatred & Christ's Love.)
Notes of a Lecture.
Address at funeral of 14 year old boy 1 Thess. 2. May 2 1845
The Object of Prophecy.
On eternal life. [extracts]
The Standing and State of the Believer.
The Standing and State of the Believer.
The Service of Women, fragment.
White as Snow.
The Blessings which characterize Christianity.
Treasure in Earthen Vessels, 2 Cor. 4.
A Just God and a Saviour John 8:1-11.
"The Lord Himself Shall Descend."
New Creation Col. 2:1-15.
Brief Notes of a Reading on the Unity of the Spirit.
Utter Ruin-The Ground of Complete Blessing.
On Haggai 2:5-9.
Unpublished letter to (J. L.?) Harris, July 1850 from France.
Notes of addresses at Edinburgh 22-24 Oct 1868:
Thursday morning, very similiar to 32mis1 pp 227
Thursday evening, Romans 6
Fri morning, Ephesians 1:9 (27exp6, pg 133)
Fri evening, Hebrews 9
Sat morning, Reading Philippians
The Heavenly and the Earthly Jerusalems (like but not same as 32mis1 p267)
Rev. 22:7-17
The Word of God, and the knowledge of it
Rev 1-20
2 Samuel 22, 23:1-7
The Dispensations and the Remnants
The Perfect Man. Luke 22, 23.
Light, Love and Life. John 3.
Eternal Life. John 6.  
Where I am ye cannot come. John 7.
The Christian Divinely Pictured Jn 12:1-2
Nothing Like Him
Brief Notes on the First Chapter of John
2 Cor 5
Matt. 27:22-fin
God in Christ
The Nazarite (Notes of a Reading) Num. 6
Power for Conflict Josh. 3
The Call of Abram (notes) Gen. 12:1-10
Extract from an unpublished letter
On Hebrew 2 Heb. 2
The Cleansing of the Leper (Trans. from early Swiss addresses) Lev. 14:10-20
The Lord's Departure (Early address trans. from French) Luke 22:1-38
The Priestly Garments (Trans. from early Swiss addresses) Ex. 28
Notes of a Reading on (1879) Colosssians 1
Treasure in Earthen Vessels (1872) 2 Cor. 4
True Nazariteship Luke 22:14-30
The Present Effect Of Waiting For Christ
The Temptation Of Christ (Lecture 1872) Matt. 4:1-12
Self-knowledge (1878) Deut. 8
Obedience and Manifestation (Notes of an Address, 1872)  John 14:18-28
A "Man in Christ" and the Flesh (Trans. from French) 2 Cor 12
The Second Coming of Christ (A Reading Malvern 1880) Luke 12:34-59
Liberality of Heart (Notes of a Reading) Num. 7
Service (Notes of a Reading) Num. 8
Fragment (what Christianity is)
Remembrance of Deliverance; And Guidance Num. 9
The Testimony of the Presence of God, the Power of Assembling and Journeying Num. 10
(Malvern 1880) Deut. 26
The Failure of the Flesh (Notes of a Reading) Num. 11
Grace and Glory Titus 2
"That I may win Christ" Phil 3.
"What hath God Wrought?" Num. 33:23.
Peace, Grace, and Glory. Rom. 5:1-11.
God speaking from Heaven Heb. 12:18-29.
The Presence of Christ and Spiritual Intelligence
"God was in Christ." 2 Cor. 5.
Searched and Known Ps. 139.
The Heavens Opened Acts 7.
(Notes of a lecture) John 17
(Notes of a lecture taken by E. L. B.) Matt. 16:13-28
Sorrows and Triumphs
What does the Coming of the Comforter Mean?
Sins blotted out and glory seen
The Spirit's Presence in the Church (Notes of a Lecture 1860) 1 Sam. 6 & 2 Sam 6

Numbers (No. 1)
Numbers (No. 2)
Joshua (No. 1)
Joshua (No. 2)
Joshua (No. 3)
The Fifth Book Of Psalms (Psalms 107-150)
John's Gospel
John 11 And 12
Romans 7
1 Corinthians 1
Ephesians 3
Philippians 3
Colossians 1
1 Thessalonians 1:9-10 (The Lord's Second Coming)
1 Timothy 1 And 2
2 Timothy 1 And 2
2 Timothy 3
Hebrews 5
Hebrews 7
1 Peter
The Seven Churches
Law And Christianity
Repentance, Etc.
The Camp And The Body Of Christ
The Christian Position
The Revelation
Salvation And Separation
Repentance And The Kingdom
Galatians 2:14-21
Galatians 2:20-21
Titus 2:11  15
Obedience And Dependence
Deuteronomy 16
Luke 12:35-53
Luke 12:35-48
Colossians 1
Hebrews 2
Hebrews 8
Hebrews 9:19-28
1 John 5:1-13
John 14:19
The Word Of God
The Second Man
The One Body, Etc.
Private Judgment And Conscience
Mark 7:27
Luke 7:37-38
Romans 5, Etc.
1 John 5:16, And James 5:14
Gethsemane And The Cross

Genesis, Typically Considered
Image And Likeness
God's Questions To Man
The Wilderness
Love And Holiness

The Cross
Power In The Midst
Faith Not Sight
The Person Of The Lord
The Old Testament
The Sabbath Of The Old Testament
The Mystery
The Red Sea And Jordan
The Table Of The Lord
The Joys Of Christ
Promise And Grace
Humiliation Of Christ
Review Of Lange's Life Of Christ
Prophetic Map
1 Samuel
2 Samuel
1 Kings
2 Kings
1 Chronicles
2 Chronicles
Life And Eternal Life
The Ways Of God
The World
The Wisdom Of God
The Kingdom Of The Father
The Christian Position
Death To Nature
Review Of Leckey's Rationalism
Life In John 3
The Lord's Coming And The Church
Reply To Baboo Keshub Chunder Sen
The Son Of Man
Righteousness And Intercession
The Government Of God
Walking Worthy
The Headship Of Christ

The Last Days
The Psalms
The New Songs
A Summary Of Psalms
The Proverbs
The Song Of Solomon
The Books Of Moses

Notes On Isaiah
The Assyrian
Born Of God
A New State
Further Notes On Isaiah
The Father's Name
The Throne Of Grace
Remarks On The "Antiquity Of Man"
Appearing, Manifestation And Presence
The Sharing Of The Heavens
Gethsemane And The Cross
Love And Light
The Gospels
Review Of Aryan Mythology
1 Peter, Ephesians, Colossians
Remarks On The Origin Of Religious Belief
Remarks On The Doctrine Of Inspiration
The Titles In The Epistles
Notes On Matthew
The Prayers In Ephesians 1 And 3

Review Of The Revelation Of Law In Scripture
The Sermon On The Mount And The Kingdom
The Spirit's Work
The Soul
Remarks on an "Essay In Aid of a Grammar of Assent"
Corinthians And Philippians
Thoughts On The Gospel And Epistles Of John

Mark (Conclusion)
Remarks On The First Epistle Of John
Summary Of Luke
Comparison Of Luke And Matthew
The Lord's Relations
The Cry Of Christ
Thoughts On Hebrews
The Book Of Enoch

The Gospel of  John
Additional Notes

61a_syn Genesis-Job

61b_syn Psalms

61c_syn Proverbs-Mark

61d_syn Luke-Galatians

61e_syn Galatians-Revelation

The Call
The Endless Song
God In The Wilderness
The Saints Rest
Unchanging Love
A Song For The Wilderness
Patience Of Hope
The Upward Way Home
The Man Of Sorrows The Tree Of Life
The Hope Of Day Sons
Echo Of Songs In The Night Rest
Fulness Of Joy
The Father's Love
The Father's Grace
Waiting For The Glory
Love Divine
Love Displayed
The Soul's Desire
A Child's Enquiry
The Road