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p53 [To the same.] [E Maylan] [From the French.] DEAR BROTHER, - I have not much news to give you from here. In comparison with what was the case a year and a half ago, the awakening and the results are striking enough, but old Dissent on one side, and especially the old Dissenting ministers, whom the new awakening has laid aside, are jealous, and are bestirring themselves. We have no other difficulty, except this jealous spirit of the ministers. They have taken the ground solemnly in a conference lately, that the church was not responsible for the condition in which it then was. I feel myself much more, or rather altogether apart, from all official connection with their system; as to individuals, I hope that love will be only the more easy in its exercise; but it appears to me a principle of rebellion against God. In general there is blessing; God has raised up some workmen, and all those who are labouring are blessed. There are conversions, and rather numerous considering our weakness, through the goodness of God, and in general more devotedness. I have not given up the thought of a visit to the Ard├Ęche, but this attempt to revive the old Dissent in opposition to the awakening which is taking place, makes me undecided for the moment as to my duty to leave; the rather because hearts are calm as long as I am here, and are more agitated if they are themselves the object of these attempts. In general, Wesleyanism affects them, save perhaps where they have had too much to do with it.

May God keep you, and us all, beloved brethren, in simplicity and peace, near Jesus. In our Father's presence there is always rest. The work which is the expression of our dwelling there, of our intimacy with His love, is always blessed and always happy - tried it may be, but happy. The joy which is in Him is infinite and eternal - a joy which only those who enjoy it know, or can conceive, but you know it, dear brother. Let us be of good courage, not alarmed because there is opposition, and not even because there is coldness, which is much more painful. Jesus loved "to the end;" this is the character of His love; it will be so of His love in our hearts, but we must be near Him that it may be so. May God direct you in your plans; we have nothing but His will to direct us in the short passage of the pilgrimage here below. What happiness to have such guidance! May my Jesus, this good and faithful Saviour and Shepherd, give you a single eye, that your whole body may be full of light. Reckon upon His faithfulness, and may He direct you. Greet all the brethren cordially. May the God of peace, our God, be with them all; my heart greets them in the mighty and eternal love of Christ. May God bless them and yourself, dear brother.

Your affectionate.

Lausanne, October 11th, 1842.