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p142 [From the French.] * * * The truth of God is ever more precious; it strengthens and nourishes the soul, for it abides for ever, and because it reveals Jesus, and attaches us to Him, the source and power of all good.

The misery of man unfolds itself more and more before my eyes in the word, but accompanied by this truth, that it is fleeting. I speak of the history of the world; His goodness abides for ever. What a difference there is between the history of the kings and that of Abraham! This struck me long ago. What freshness in the patriarch's relations with God in comparison with what appeared later. One is weary of man, but on the other hand, what patience on the part of God! For, happily, He is not wearied by man, though even an Elias was. Yet He had to save man by Himself, and in His own way. He has in no respect failed of what His counsels and His love had determined to do on his behalf. I think my mind runs a little in this direction - only we must rise above everything, and work while it is day, bearing witness to His perfect grace. We must try to rise to the height of this, and this will be in forgetfulness of ourselves.

Hull, August 20th, 1848.