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p197 [To the same.] [From the French.] J Favez, Let us work well, dear brother, while it is day; it is our only affair in this world, and, at the same time, let us be very watchful that the inner life, communion with our precious Saviour, be the true source of our activities. May we be faithful to the will of God in our walk, and large-hearted towards all His children. I earnestly desire to preserve the true character of the work of brethren, poor as they may be - and we are poor, and whenever we have lost the sense of it, God has chastened us. I believe that God has committed a testimony to us, even the testimony necessary at this time for His church. What a responsibility! and in us what incapacity for keeping this precious deposit, if we are not kept of Him, and near Him! Away from Him, from His presence realised in a sensible way, it would be, alas! but one more good thing spoiled, while the one to whom it had been committed would be puffed up, as to the very thing in which he had been unfaithful. May God keep us near Himself, and in humility. Oh, may we be true and faithful witnesses of His grace, and labourers from Him; and who is sufficient for these things?

September, 1851.