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p367 [R T Grant] BELOVED BROTHER, - I was very glad indeed to get your letter and hear of the work in Canada, to which, as well as the beloved brethren there, I have become deeply attached. I know not if my years and strength will permit, but I still (if they I do) hope to visit America again; but, if allowed, should think of the States too, but that would properly require a younger, more energetic man, and we must look to the Lord to carry forward His own truth. … It is a matter of thankfulness to hear of the places opening, and our wisdom is to follow the Lord's leading in this. I do trust the blessed Spirit of God will continue His own work in spreading the truth in Canada, for it is God's truth and a blessing from Him, knitting the heart with Him according to His revelation of Himself, though accompanied with trial, as it surely will be. I see, too, the Lord more jealous of any evil among brethren than anywhere; they profess to have more truth, and He will not allow inconsistency with it, judges it, or puts them to shame. It is a blessing, surely; but still a solemn thought.

Here the truth is spreading: I do not mean merely the numbers of brethren, and meetings increasing, though that is widely the case; I do not now know them all; but around us people are beginning to feel they are in the last days, and all is moving. They want something real; are holding meetings on the Lord's coming, and the like. The path of the brethren is simple in the midst of all this, to walk peacefully and graciously in the truth, but in it. All this stirs up others, and, feeling justly that the testimony of brethren is at the bottom of it all, they attack them with virulence. We are more hated and less despised than we were. The attacks are violent and unscrupulous, but often defeat themselves, and more strangers come to hear. I have felt the Lord with me since I returned, though a good deal knocked up with accumulated work and this climate; however, I have got on.

Here the brethren are getting on happily, and with a deepened tone and more union than when I left. A real difficulty in this immense place where we have now eighteen gatherings, is to go on as one - as separate in some sense as if they were twenty miles apart in the country, yet necessarily [all together] from being raised up in the same town. The Lord has graciously provided, too, more visiting, in sending one or two to London.

I daily see more how entirely new a place grace has set us in. One must not thereby set aside or weaken our responsibility in our old place, which Christ fully met as was needed for God's glory; but He has let us in by having perfectly glorified God in that work, into the holiest of all by the rent veil, to be partakers of all the holiness and of all the blessing that is there. I find new scenes of delight thus opening to me. I seek in my ministry to settle souls strong in the foundation, and have had interesting fresh developments of the progress of truth in Romans: meeting the old thing (chap. 3); resurrection, only as far as life (chap. 6): love first mentioned (though grace is in a general way alluded to in chapter 3) in chapter 5, and thus leading into the new Adam standing; and in chapter 8, after the discussion of law, bringing us into Christ and Christ in us. My mind is still working on this, that is, inquiring in scripture. I was greatly interested in connecting Titus 1:2-3, John 1:4, 1 John 1:1-3, and 2 Timothy 1:9-10. What a character it gives to the life we have now, going into the new and heavenly place by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, before the world, after all its present state, and out of it in spirit now, but (blessed be God) in communion with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ; our conversation and πολίτευμα in heaven. But I believe I must close.

The Lord give you, dear brother, to keep very near Himself, and to remember that we are in the last days, and have to follow Christ wholly, and serve as those that wait for Him. Kindest love to the brethren, and the Lord bless your labours. I am finishing with two or three talking to me. I leave (D.V.) for Switzerland tomorrow.

Ever, beloved brother,

Affectionately yours.

London, December, 1863.