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p393 [F G Patterson] DEAREST BROTHER, - I sympathise with you in the loss of your beloved brother, whom though I had scarcely seen, yet knew as walking graciously and well for some years. But this is what the world is made of in its best form for us. Life in it is dreadful horrid enmity against God; death, once the painful fruit of sin, now death to it, and better still, out of it. It is ours now. I look at it as the natural issue of such a place we are in, and now in every sense the blessed issue. No doubt it will be felt as to those we love, but felt sweetly when we think of Him who has died for us and has taken its sting away. The Lord bless it all to yourself, and give it as learning that we are in a world where death is really entered, but where we can die to it.

As regards the subject you mention, it is a very large one, and I find myself always unable to take one up unless led of the Lord to it. Unless on occasions which arise, given of God, I prefer treating such things when I can meditate quietly with God. An active life is not the best for that, though I have long tried both together.

Here, thank God, there has been progress, souls added and gatherings too, and I believe healthily - nothing very striking, but progress. My chief work as yet is seeking to build up, but the Lord is very gracious.

Affectionately yours in the Lord.

Montreal, December 9th, 1864.