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p405 [R T Grant] BELOVED BROTHER, - This matter of - is a matter of profound sorrow and of humiliation to me. If anything goes wrong I feel my own fault in it. Surely if one had been more faithful, such would not come upon us. … It is all deeply humbling… There is no good in neglecting evil, and if it is brought before us of God we should look into it, not suffer sin upon our brother, but besides, the Lord not to be grieved by it. It is not that I have any gift for it; I shrink from such things; but I know it is right. But I am so glad you have been with the brethren. … We carry with us what is to produce the fruit, and must not expect to find it or anything, save the Lord's opening the door: that, indeed, we must have. If you have that, take courage. But though not often at -, I have felt it deeply, because it affects the whole fellowship of saints in Canada - us all.

Here things are going on with wonderful rapidity towards the end, though I know it is limited by the Lord's having gathered out His own, short or long as is needed for that. But it is a time not hard to discern; men's minds unsettling from what seemed established, and the question before us for faith, How far is there power to gather? I do not a moment doubt the power of Christ nor His faithfulness. He will surely gather His own for Himself. But we ought to manifest His glory. This is what we must seek. The brethren are going on well, here really very much so. Only they want a little stirring up in some places, and there is lack of labourers - their numbers greatly increased. But when one sees the immense mass afloat just now, and the rising power of evil, what is it? But there is One sufficient.

I have felt deeply our position latterly. - wanted to publish a series of my papers, and I had to look over them. And I found tracts I had wholly forgotten, written thirty-three to thirty-eight years ago - all the truth as to the principles on which the fate of the world now hangs, I doubt not at all, put clearly out. Things have ripened, but that is all. But it shewed God so clearly in it, it affected me from Him deeply. I felt the ground and work was of God so clearly. It made me feel a poor workman, but God's light - divine light on the path. It is a solemn thing, the rather from feeling such impotency still in carrying it out. Who can move such masses? I know God can propagate in a moment: He would not perhaps concentrate, so as not to have it His own work. We are too narrow-minded; still we ought to look for gathering power. I see a difference when I began. I was content to get the blessed position, and with two or three enjoy it in the freshness of the truth and Spirit of God. But now I would see all the Lord's gathered before He comes. I have not, I can say, a thought of self, or "he followeth not with us" in it, but that His should be gathered to Him. Oh for more devotedness, more consecration to His glory, always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus might be manifested in our mortal bodies. But the path is simpler. Christianity is what it is, and the world, superstitious or infidel, takes its place: Christianity takes its own. The breaking up used to try me, but Christianity never breaks up. We have a kingdom which cannot be moved. May we serve Him with reverence and godly fear. I must close. I have found the Word very precious all these times.

Ever affectionately yours.