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p425 [To the same.] Miss Thompson, As regards what I said as to a higher claim of obedience, it is the safeguard against the exercise of authority where there is not infallibility. Thus Christ tells His disciples to obey the scribes sitting in Moses' seat; but when they tell them not to preach Christ, they cannot obey them, because God had told them to do otherwise. A parent's authority is sacred: he tells me (say I was a Jew) not to become a Christian: I disobey him because there is a higher obligation. It is important morally, because no departure or rejection of legitimate authority can be based on our own will or self in any way, but on the direct authority of God. Never have I a right, but I ought to obey. And it is simple that, if it be the authority God has given to a parent or magistrate, or whoever it may be, which leads me to obey them, as it is, it cannot be real when it calls me to disobey God's direct command. But obedience is always our path.

Ever truly yours in the Lord.