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p303 [From the French.] BELOVED BROTHER, - Your letter contains two questions to which I ought to have replied sooner. First, when a brother excommunicated by the assembly, and who lives elsewhere, seeks to be brought in again, it is for the assembly in the place where he seeks restoration to judge of his state at the time he seeks it. It is there naturally that that state will shew itself. But it is suitable, as you say, that the assembly in which he seeks to be re-admitted, should put itself in communication with that from which he was put out. It may know of many things that ought to be settled, and that the other is ignorant of, then too community of interest and the unity of Spirit are maintained by this means.

As to the second question; the Roman empire may be in possession of the countries you speak of, at least, of the land of the king of the south - not, as far as I believe, of the land of the king of the north; but the body of the Roman empire is found in the west of Europe. Palestine will be the centre of the conflict. There will be Gog on one side and the Beast on the other.

Salute the brethren affectionately.