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p351 [Mr Ulrich] MY DEAR BROTHER, - Mrs.- came in and occupied me with Springfield affairs: as regards these, I have not much more to say; you have only to go on and seek the Lord to minister blessing to you. I have no doubt it was all needed. My impression is, unless the Lord specially interpose in grace, that you will be under the discipline of having another assembly there for awhile, and then He will set you free, if indeed you walk practically with the Lord. I have no doubt some discipline was needed in the assembly, and crudities to be removed. The way of doing has been to me most painful, not merely as to S., but as to the whole work; but there it is now, and we must abide the Lord's time. What you have all to do is to walk all closely and quietly with the Lord, and the blessing will come when the Lord has finished His work. There is a sifting government of God as well as a perfect redemption, and He is full of patience. His purpose is glory, His ways are the wilderness.

I got here quite well, and with less fatigue than I thought, but so perpetual a desert for near 1,500 miles, save the fir-trees of the Sierra Nevada, I never saw. …

My best love in Christ to all the brethren; they have only to walk on, seeking the Lord's presence.

Your affectionate brother in Christ.

San Francisco, August 9th, 1875.