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p356 [H H McCarthy] BELOVED BROTHER, - I do indeed sympathise with you as to -, a real and profound sorrow. One can only look to the Lord to deliver him. I had heard he had got astray, but thought it was morally. See if this has been the case, for thus it often is; not having kept a good conscience, shipwreck is made of faith. The root may still be there. Modern science is rife with all this. Darwin has given up a good deal of his system as exaggerated, and those not Christians have shewn its fallacy: he admits his proof fails, geological facts giving no support to it. There is a book called "Blending Lights" which may be of use to him, but see where his conscience is.

We have to go through P. Smith and Moody like all else. God will make everything work together for good to those that love Him. They (are) in some aspects signs of the last days; our business is to separate the precious from the vile. You will see a large increase of wickedness and of worldliness in Christianity by it, but souls converted to God. I dread the Americanising effect of it; religion and activity where Christ has little place. They are all groaning under it in America, and the revivalist standing up to confess Christ, - does not allow in his own chapel through experience of its effects. But it will have aroused many. The peace men have got by it is a kind of provisional peace. Thorough work will only be the more needed.

As to the first question - I dread questions, notions - I believe the body is redeemed, the Lord for the body and the body for the Lord, and that He holds it by His power for resurrection glory - some changed consequently without dying; but death and corruption in themselves are the effect of sin and Satan's power. But the body is not under his power; Christ has the keys of death and hell. Its state is the fruit of his power, but it is through redemption not in his power: only redemption is not yet applied to it in its effect in power. We are waiting for the redemption of the body. But the redemption-price is paid, and the power belongs to Christ, is His, so that Satan has no title over it.

As to the Lord's supper. They [saints in systems] may partake of it in personal communion and piety, and I doubt not do, and enjoy His grace, but they have lost the proper corporate enjoyment of it in the unity of the body. …

Affectionately yours in the Lord.

Nelson, October 18th, 1875.