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p367 [Mr Ulrich] MY DEAR BROTHER, - Thank you for writing to me about your dear A.; you judged rightly in thinking I should be interested in hearing. I was thinking of seeing her before she left this, though knowing she was declining. Most thankful I am that peace and Christ was her portion to the end: not that I doubted she leant on the Lord, but when I saw her, though she left no trace of doubt on my mind that she was His, there were moments that the full peace and liberty in Christ were clouded, though never attachment of heart to Him. I should have been glad to have seen her; but for her, oh! how far better to be at rest and with the Lord: that is joy and blessing, yet we have it in His grace here, though as yet in a very poor earthen vessel. Dear child! I so rejoice in seeing her with Him who loved her, and now has taken her where He is, and evil and sorrow cannot come. And I rejoice for you, dear brother, and Mrs.-, that you have been given to see her peace and joy before she went. Her affections were all right with Jesus, and they have not been disappointed, and my heart goes up there where she is. It is our home and our rest. … My true sympathy with Mrs.-

The Lord, dear brother, be with you and yours, and multiply His blessings. May He keep you near Himself in lowliness and joy of communion! It is not our rest - there remains one for God's people - but what a reason! "it is polluted": we belong to what is of God and is holy.

Affectionately yours in the Lord.

San Francisco, June, 1876.