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p401 E L Bevir, Positive work must be looked for in order to have fruit; and for the moment, unless God shews an open door which would lead on, the part of labouring brethren seems to be to look for growth and establishment in the centres where they are at work, pursuing it earnestly and steadily, so that there may be a solid nucleus of testimony according to God. It is a great thing to follow God in His work. The apostles were forbidden to preach the word in Asia, and then only going to Ephesus, "all they which dwelt in Asia heard the word of the Lord." I do not mean that we are to give up any place, but to work patiently and fully where God is working. So Corinth, so Ephesus, so Antioch. If there is an efficient work, God Himself spreads the testimony. We must pray that the Lord raise up labourers for His harvest, and look at it as His work. God has blessed, and is even now blessing, but I think the brethren are in a critical moment. How far, as a body, they are in a state to maintain their testimony, I do not know. There is occasion for much prayer, for the light they have received has spread out beyond them, and is held by those who do not walk with them. If their separateness and devotedness be made good according to Christ's heart, they will stand; if not, I do not see what good they are. What I fear is, their thinking well of themselves; but my trust is in the Lord. That the testimony confided to brethren was the truth of God for these days I have not a shadow of a doubt. Their maintaining it requires lowly and constant application to God.

Here the testimony is distinct, and has gone on. The opposition is very strong, but that we must expect. May the Lord keep us in earnest prayer, that He may maintain a true testimony to the glory of His own blessed Son, in times which He has taught us to look upon as perilous! In all my recent journeys the Lord has blessed, and given peace and growth - I mean in America.