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p421 [To the same.] E L Bevir, We have to remember that we are in the last days, and hold fast the truth in simplicity of heart, and trusting the Lord, and looking to Him; but I believe, if faithful, they are happy times. At any rate the rest is near, and soon we shall meet Him, and see Him as He is, and that will be worth all the trouble. In general the brethren are getting on happily here, and in a good spirit. There are restless ones, who seem formed to exercise one's patience; this is very useful, if it is there to be exercised, and not overcome. But patience must have its perfect work, and in due time we shall reap, if we faint not. How simple it is that God alone does any good; and now that the machine is out of order, few can come in with authority, and, when attempted, it only makes confusion. I do trust the brethren in the A., and all in France, will walk faithfully. The eyes of men are more on them everywhere than ever they were, and if this witness were to fail, I do not believe there could be any other as to the truth witnessed for until the Lord comes. He might set us aside, and raise up other witnesses to the same truths, but I have not a doubt that the truths are final and full ones for the saints. … Paul says, "I count all things but dung, that I may win Christ;" and, alas! he had to say to the Philippians, "All seek their own." He can awaken us to live more to Him: may He give this to us!

It is a blessed thing to serve Christ in the present course of service, though we have laid up all our happiness with Him for that day.

December, 1877.