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p465 [To the same.] E L Bevir, I do not expect a very speedy healing of this matter, but God can do it and when He pleases. Too often a healing of a humbling state of things is sought more than the state of soul which has given occasion to it. Now this affair at - found souls needing renewal, and if we do not wait God's doing (though obeying every positive direction of the word), we have to await the effect of not doing it. There is but One that can bring the light that judges conscience into the soul: on Him we can count. I do not think there is one that has a more profound sense of the ruin of everything than myself, but there is One that is never ruined, and as able to be what is needed for the church now as at the beginning, and as faithful. "Bring thy son hither" is in the same sentence with, "How long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you?" We cannot hasten God; He, when He is working, will have things real. The Lord graciously be with you, and keep us all.

Affectionately yours in Him.