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p50 [H M Hooke] MY DEAR BROTHER, - I thank God with all my heart for the blessing He has granted you. … It would seem that God is testifying that He does not give brethren up, at least, that He encourages them to count on Him, and go on; for in France, Switzerland, and elsewhere, there seems a reviving. I have asked myself if it is that He owns what little effort at fidelity there has been. At any rate, He is encouraging those who look to Him. … As to leaflets, it is at present the fashion, and it seems to me a very bad one. I quite agree with - that the assembly must act; but I accept neither unanimity, majority, nor minority. Abstract principles do not settle any practical cases. "Put away from among yourselves that wicked person" is clear and decided. Who is a wicked person? - says we must be guided by the Lord. But who is to decide if we are? All these things seem to me rather labour lost. They go, without despising any, out of my head, with all I have to do, about as fast as they go into it. We want quiet godliness, and, above all, lowliness.

I have been very happy in the Lord, and find the word more rich to my soul than ever, and, I think, heaven more near. But all our thoughts are poor things, but not the object of them. I feel, too, the direct action of God by the Spirit more than ever.

Pau, November 17th.