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p209 DEAR MISS -, - I have no confidence in the movement for faith-healing, save as it may rouse people to look more to God. I never saw it save in individual instances connected with real sound doctrine. The two cases I referred to were one in the Western States where it turned, though it seemed to begin well, to an out and out work of the devil, the other where it was based on full Lutheran views - of being born again in baptism; besides (which were not on my mind) it was connected with perfectionism, and I might add Irvingism, but these were not on my mind.

- and myself are not elders, and the case in point came in thus - the ordinary local discipline of the church (James 5). This does not hinder my believing that God does answer the prayer of faith. I have arranged that - and myself will be free at half-past four Monday next, to look to Him for you.

Yours truly.

December, 1881.