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p391 G V Wigram, When I got your letters and read them, the effect on my mind was, and I said so; well, it is a simple thing to go to heaven when one is going there, and that was my feeling. I have long growingly felt - and every storm leads to that port - that that was where one was going, and when the time was come, it was a kind of natural thing to go there; and dear Mrs.- was surely as little of this world as any one I know of at least, and went to where her home and rest are. Still I feel the loss of one so dear to you for you; and it is not those who gently lean upon us, and trust us, whose loss we feel the least; but all leads on to where our true home and rest is. As for her, all is rest. … Peace be with you.

Toronto, September 16th, 1867.