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p433 [H Turner] MY DEAR BROTHER, - The work goes on so uniformly here, that there is little to relate. It wanted rousing so far as the brethren went - no gospel, or even a room or a preacher. Yet my work has been of a peculiar kind, receiving all that came to the Tract Depot at 3 and 7.30. Various persons have come, ministers and others. Several have found peace, and what the true gospel ground is, and also the Lord's coming; and there for the present it rests. … I hope too, and with many, a plain gospel and a full one has been learned: some feed really on the Word, and are constantly there. But the state of souls, and even the best gospel they hear is deplorable, and the state of things felt. … Oh, if the Lord Himself was not the workman, how hopeless would be the thought of reaching all the souls that are in need. It is a comfort then to be able to look to Him, that His eye and grace may reach them. We read of the eyes of the Lord running to and fro through the earth to shew Himself strong in behalf of those whose hearts are perfect towards Him; and we may reckon on His grace too, to follow in faithful mercy all the need of His beloved people, and this is a consolation.

We have had through this perfection question, which is only deliverance from Romans 7: the difference of full acceptance through Christ's work, as in Hebrews 10, and the washing of the feet with water very clearly brought out. The last is unknown to the Christians here: and making all forgiveness through re-sprinkling with blood diminishes the depth of holiness. It is men getting clear - not clean really. I have been struck in connection with this, with the extreme jealousy of defilement in Numbers 19. It was no sprinkling with blood, but that being sprinkled in the tabernacle, and sin consumed - then for communion, all unholiness and nature consumed on the cross, all defilement measured by that cross, and the word and Spirit (the water). Whatever touched was unclean; the priest was, the sprinkler was till even, all in the tent and that were not purged out - all the value of the day of atonement supposed, and the question of communion raised.

I hear from dear -, who is anxious about a certain change in himself from evangelist to pastor. I covet evangelising, but the latter gift is more. … I got a good shake at New York, but I am through mercy quite well, but it was a notice from the far country a little. Most thankful am I for the blessing vouchsafed to the work around you.

Boston, February 25th, 1875.