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2 Kings

Chapter 7

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Famine in Samaria: God's interposition

The iniquity of Israel plunges the nation again into distress; and Samaria is desolated by famine. The judgment produces indignation against Jehovah's testimony; for, although Jehoram did not worship Baal, his heart was unchanged. Then comes the despair which considers it useless to wait any longer upon Jehovah.* This is the result of professing Jehovah's name, when there is no faith in Him. It was so with Israel in the wilderness: "Wherefore has Jehovah brought us up hither to destroy all this people?"
{* It may be doubted whether what is said in verse 33 be not the words of Elisha.

Elisha appears here again as saviour, or, at least, as proclaiming Jehovah's salvation. The unbelief of the king's attendant, who considered this deliverance impossible, is punished at the moment when he sees the abundance. When all is impossible to man, Jehovah interposes; and in a moment the whole scene is changed.

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