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In the course of his book on John we read that he was called home. The Preface of that work is dated 1884. Publisher: Morrish, Paternoster Sq., London. A North American (Canadian?), of Welsh extraction? We would like to know a little more of this author, if anyone can help. There appear to be a number of letters addressed to this brother by Mr Darby, dated between 1848 and 1871. From these it seems Mr. Evans' first name was Rafe, or Ralph. So he apparently was a contemporary and life-long friend of Mr Darby. There are a number of articles in the Christian's Friend magazine with the initials R. E., these are perhaps a little late, 1891-8, to be by Mr Evans. Though in the magazine in 1884 is an extract from 'John'.
Letter from Plymouth , July 15th, 1848
Letter from Pau, March 3rd, 1864
Letter from Zürich, August 12th, 1864
Letter from Dublin, February 23rd, 1866
Letter from London, 1870
Letter 1871
Letter from London, February 2nd, 1871