C. H. Mackintosh

Biographical Note

Notes on the Pentateuch

Genesis: 1 - 15  16 - 50
Exodus: 1 - 14  15 - 40
Leviticus: 1 - 5:13   5:14 - 14   15 - 27
Numbers: 1 - 8   9 - 16   17 - 36
Deuteronomy: 1 - 3   4   5 - 7   8 - 13   14 - 19   20 - 34

Short Papers : 123 in total.

Answers to Correspondents : 133 in total.


Letters to a Friend on the Present Condition of Things
The Bible — Its Sufficiency and Supremacy.
Christianity — What is it?
Words of Counsel.
God's Way, and how to find it.
The Ministry of Christ Past, Present, and Future.
The Ministry of the Spirit.

Miscellaneous writings

Book 1:
The All-sufficiency of Christ.
Discipleship in an evil day.
Forgiveness of sins: What is it?
Gideon and his companions.
Job and His Friends.
Final Perseverance: What is it?
The Christian: His position and his work.
The Christian Priesthood.
Regeneration: What is it?
Sanctification: What is it?
The Unequal Yoke.

Book 2:
The Assembly of God;
Decision for Christ.
"God for us."
Thoughts on the Lord's Supper;
"The man of God."
Prayer, in its proper place.
The Sabbath, the Law, and the Christian Ministry.
"Thou and thy house."
Now and Then;

Book 3:
Conversion: What is it?
Evangelization — A word to the Evangelist.
Papers on the Lord's Coming.
Christian perfection: What is it?
Pre-Millennial Doctrine or Waiting for the Son?
Simon Peter — His life and its lessons.

Book 4:
The Call of God — Abraham and Lot.
The Life and Times of David
The Life and Times of Josiah.
The History of the Tribe of Levi.

Book 5:
The Great Commission
The Life and Times of Elijah.
Glad Tidings
Ministry of Reconciliation

Book 6:
The Three Crosses.
The Christian's Mission
David's Companions and Paul's Friends.
"The dew of Hermon"
The Discipline of the Assembly
Diversity and Unity.
Divine Titles.
Epaphras, The Service of Prayer.
Eternal Punishment v Universalism and Annihilationism.
God's Fulness for an Empty Vessel.
Grace and Government.
"Holy Brethren"
"There is one body"
Israel and the Nations.
Jehovah's Demand and Satan's Objections.
John the Baptist — only "a voice"
Landmarks and Stumblingblocks
Living by Faith.
The Living God and a Living Faith.
One-sided Theology
Our Standard and Our Hope.
Prayer and the Prayer Meeting.
"Publicly and from house to house"
Each Member — A Help or a Hindrance: Which?
"The regions beyond." 2 Cor. 10:16; and "Let us go again" Acts 15:36.
Saul of Tarsus
"Thyself and the doctrine."
The True Workman

Book 7:
The Three Appearings
The Bible: Whence is it?
Christ in the Vessel.
Hezekiah — Work in its Right Place.
Jehoshaphat — Worldliness.
Jericho and Achor — Privilege and Responsibility.
Legality and Levity
The Passover in Egypt.
The Remnant — Past and Present.
A Risen Saviour.
The Throne and the Altar.
The Two Musts.

Occasional Papers

The Blind Man, and the Pharisees who said "We see."
Communion with God: What is it?
The True Ground of Peace.
Unity: What is it? And am I confessing it?
Fifteenth Letter to a Friend.
The Church.
Words of Counsel.
God in Everything
False Worship.
A Word on Christian Intercourse.
Jacob Alone With God.
Jesus Risen.
Law and grace Exemplified.
The Lord Our Shepherd.
The Love of Jesus.
The Prisoner of Hope.
Inside the Veil, Outside the Camp.