Major Works of Hugh Henry Snell

Biographical Note

Prophetical Outlines
— Seven Lectures on the Second Coming and Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

1. The Scripture Ground of Perfect Peace with God
2. The Coming of the Lord the Christian's Hope
3. The Church of God, and her Coming Glory
4. The First and Last Resurrections
5. The Man of Sin, and his Complete Overthrow
6. The Kingdom of Heaven
7. The Reign of Christ, and the Eternal State

On the Inspiration and Divine Authority of the Holy Scriptures

Preface, Introduction & Preliminary Remarks
What is Inspiration?
Sacred Writings
The Old Testament
The Testimony of the New Testament to the Old
Examples of the Divine Authority of the Old Testament
Some Samples of its Alleged Inaccuracies
  Living Souls
  First and Second Chapters of Genesis
  The Deluge
  Jacob's Going into Egypt
  The Quails
  River, not Flood
  Sun, stand thou still!
  The Threshing Floor
  The Census of Israel and of Judah
The Silent Interval of Four Hundred Years
The New Testament
The Gospels
The Acts and the Epistles
The Revelation
Quotations from the Old Testament
The Importance of Bowing to the Authority of Scripture
Alleged Inaccuracies of the New Testament
  Three Days and Three Nights
  Our Lord's Temptations
  Drink no longer water
  Feeding the Multitude
  The Passover and Lord's Supper
  The Call of Abraham
  The Years of Moses
  The Terror of Moses
  Saul's Sight of the Lord Jesus
  Holding Jesus by the Feet
  Sin and Transgression
  The Sixth Hour in John 19: 14
The Bible — Its Unity
The Bible — Its Perfection
The Bible — Its Blessedness
Concluding Remarks

Notes on the Revelation

with practical reflections
Preface & Introduction
Introductory Verses and the things which John saw Rev. 1
The things which are Rev. 2, 3
The things which shall be after these:
The Throne of God in Heaven, and the Lamb taking the Book Rev. 4, 5
The Seven Seals Rev. 6 — 8: 1-5
The Parenthesis between the Sixth and Seventh Seals
The Seven Trumpets Rev. 8: 6 — 11
The Parenthesis between the Sixth and Seventh Trumpets Rev. 10, 11: 1-14
The Jewish Remnant and the Great Tribulation Rev. 12, 13, 14
The Martyred Remnant and the Seven Vials Rev. 15, 16
The Parenthesis between the Sixth and Seventh Vials Rev. 16: 15
Babylon the Great Rev. 17, 18
The Marriage of the Lamb, the Reign of Christ, and the Eternal State Rev. 19, 20, 21: 1-8
The Bride the Lamb's Wife Rev. 21: 9 — 21: 1-5
Concluding Verses Rev. 22: 6-21

Peace and Communion

Prefatory Remarks
The Son of God
The Son of Man
The Gospel of God
The Resurrection of Christ
In Christ, and the flesh in us
Manna and the Old Corn
Clean and Unclean
Defilement from Contact
Security, Communion, and Confidence
The Father's Love
The Ashes of the Red Heifer
Leprosy: Outbreak of Sin
The Cleansing of the Leper - Restoration
The Leper who was Poor Considered; in a Garment; in a House
In What Name are we Gathered?
The Peace-offering or the Communion-offering

Pasture for the Flock of God

Safety through the Blood; or, Israel in Egypt
Deliverance; or, the Red Sea
Possession; or, the Other Side of Jordan
Have you the Spirit?
Are We Waiting? The Coming of the Lord practically considered
God Our Refuge, Our Resource, and Our Stay
Dependence, Communion, and Hope
Grace and Service
Redemption, the New Birth, and Growth
Our Lord's Care For Us During His Absence
Seven Present Blessings through the Death of Christ
Priesthood (1, 2, 3, 4.)
The Reign of Christ
Death, Life and Glory
Abraham Offering Up Isaac
Grace, Government, and Glory
The End of the Lord
Made Meet
The Lord's Table
The Epistle to the Church at Philippi
Double-mindedness; or, Lamenting after the Lord
On Prayer

Streams of Refreshing

Fear Not
Jesus Making Whole; or, the Woman in the Crowd
Gospel Liberty
Faith and Unbelief
The Christian's Position and Hope
Jesus with a Religious Man and a Sinner
Free Grace
Death and Judgment Past for the Believer
The Pharisee and the Publican
The Cleansing of the Leper
The Good Samaritan
The Blood
Christ the Door
Make Haste
Who are Christ's Sheep?
The Birth of Jesus
Peace for the Anxious; or, the Serpent of Brass
Faith's Choice
Salvation; or, the Philippian Jailor
Iniquity Taken Away and Sin Purged
Strange Fire and the Fire from Heaven; or, Man's Thoughts and God's Thoughts of Christ
Conversion; or, Paul's Preaching at Thessalonica and Its Effects
Speak to the Rock
The New Birth
Law and Grace
Crossing the Jordan
Now Made Nigh; or, What the Christian Was, and What He Is
Have You Peace?


The Deity of the Son
The Way of Faith in an Evil Time
The Last Knock
The Jewishness of Ritualism
The Religious Lady

Mr Snell has a number of articles (~20) in the Christian Friend Magazine series, and his 'Recollections of the Last Days of Charles Stanley'; these are available on this site.

His articles (~18) published in the magazine "Things New and Old" are available from Bible Truth Publishers.

There are a small number of other letters and articles reprinted by PTP and also available through BTP.

Untraced Items

Pub. W. H. Broom:
The King, the Bridegroom, and the Tribes of Israel
The True Token
The Ribband of Blue — From 'The Lord's Host'?

Pub. Carter:
Standing State and the Assembly
Plain Words on Peace and Deliverance
Before Death and after Death
The Inexcusableness of Infidelity
The Unreasonableness of Rationalism
The Day of Atonement
Personal Intercourse with the Lord Jesus
The Ten Virgins
Loving the Appearing
Are we watching and Serving
What Scripture says on Eternal Life
Remarks on Holding the Truth of the One Body

In addition there is much Gospel material, some collected in a series called 'The Evangelist', but this is largely unattributed.