G. V. Wigram

Biographical Note

Memorials Volume 1

Part First

Notes on Scripture

Part Second - Earlier Ministry

Asherite Psalms
Contrast between Earthly and Heavenly Blessing
Christ on the Cross
God's Ways with His People

Part Third - Earlier Ministry (cont'd.)

The Transfiguration
The Joy of the Christian
The Coming of Christ
The Corruption of Christianity
The Antidote to Existing Evils
Addresses on the Seven Churches

Part Fourth - Later Ministry

The Import of Marriage
The Condition of Blessing
The Rending of the Veil
Christ Giving Sight to the Blind
A Fragment
What Christians are Called to Be
The Power of Nazariteship
Sons of God
Paul as a Pattern
The Lord's Supper
A Gospel Address
The Ways of God with a Heavenly People
The Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Lectures on the Epistle to the Ephesians
Christ Magnified, whether by Life or Death
Paul's Gospel
How to be Heavenly
The Beauty of Going Down to the Very Bottom
The Coming of the Lord
Qualifications for Worship
The Call and Faith of Abraham
The Present Place of Christ
Eternal Life
Tests of Eternal Life
The Servant as Illustrated in John
The Glory of Redemption
The Bright and Morning Star
Perfected For Ever
The Proof of Love to Christ
Notes of a Reading on 2 Corinthians

Memorials Volume 2: Part 1 Ecclesiastical

Assembly Truth
The Word of God as to Individuals and the Assembly
Remarks as to "The Assembly of God"
Account of Two Scenes
Two Prophecies through a Wicked Man
Two Requests of the Lord to His Father
"Inclusive" and "Exclusive"
On Heresy
Remarks on the English Psalter

Memorials Volume 2: Part 2 Critical

Translation of Psalms 1 - 41
Examination of the Hebrew Bible

Memorials Volume 3 Letters

Letters of G. V. Wigram


Gleanings, Volume 1 First Series
Gleanings, Volume 2 Second Series
Gleanings, Volume 3 Third Series

Short Papers

The Work of Grace
"Dying to Death"
The Fear of Death

Collectanea (extracted from)

The Glory of the Bride, the Lamb's Wife.
Truth Learned in Communion with God.
A Few Words on the Scriptures
Is the Honour and Power of this World any part of the Endowment of the Saints?

The Two Adams
Two Old Letters
Three Letters of the late G. V. Wigram
The Seven Churches
A Letter — 1846
The Good News of God's Purpose in the Apocalypse
An Appeal to Saints that remain still in Bethesda and Salem
They that are Christ's at His Coming
A Word on the Fellowship of Saints
Christ and the Church
The Church: Its Present State and Prospects
"The Coming Kingdom:" being an Outline of the Revelation
The Coming of the Lord
The Coming of the Lord
The Conflict
A Letter on Conscience, etc.
An Answer of G. V. Wigram
God's Dealings with His Children
Death is Ours
Notes of Three Lectures
Devotedness and Separation
"Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani"
The Eternal Life in Paul
Two Letters on the Marriage of an Evangelist
Extract from Letter
Extracts from Letters
Our Extremity is God's Opportunity
Extract from a Letter
Food for Believers

A Gospel Address
Notes of a Gospel Address
The Hope of His Calling
In Heaven
God's Inheritance in the Saints, etc.
Is It Thus With You?

The Blood of Jesus Christ
The Cross of Jesus Christ
The Death of Jesus Christ
Remarks and Notes on John's Writings

Extracts from the Bible Treasury

"To Me to Live is Christ"
Marks whereby the Assembly of God and the Table of the Lord were and are to be known.
A Marriage Address
An Address on Marriage
The Bright and Morning Star
Paul as a Pattern
What is my place and my power to walk?
The Prayer of a Saint
The Present Question; 1848-1849
A Study of the Psalms
Rich in Mercy
Shall I ever die?
The Lesson of Sorrow
"Stand Therefore"
God's System of a Church
The Character of Our Testimony
Notes of an Address
Waiting for God's Son
Weakness and Strength
"In the Wilderness, Alone with God"
God's Provision for the Wilderness
Has Christ destroyed the works of the devil?
Christ: the Way, the Truth, and the Life