Miller's Church History

The Seven Churches of Asia

1: The Rock Foundation
Foundation of the Church
Opening of the Kingdom of Heaven
Church Government

2: The Day of Pentecost
Resurrection and Ascension of Christ
Descent of the Holy Ghost
Calling in of the Gentiles
First Christian Martyr

3: The Disciples Persecuted and Scattered
Jerusalem and Samaria United by the Gospel
Conversion of Saul of Tarsus

4: The First Missionaries of the Cross
The Twelve Apostles
Herodian Line of Kings

5: The Apostle Paul
First Visit to Jerusalem
First Missionary Journey
Third Visit to Jerusalem
Visit to Athens

6: Paul's Third Missionary Journey
Departure for Macedonia
Fifth Visit to Jerusalem
Before the Sanhedrin
Martyrdom of Paul

7: The Burning of Rome
First Persecution Under the Emperors
Downfall of Jerusalem
The Real Cause of Persecution
Persecutions in France

8: The Internal History of the Church
Apostolic Fathers
Origin of Clergy and Laity
Origin of Dioceses

9: From Commodus till the Accession of Constantine.
Persecution in Africa
Altered Position of Christianity
The General State of Christianity
The Condition of the Church

10: Constantine the Great
Church as Constantine Found It
Effects of Royal Favour
Baptism and Death of Constantine

11: The Council of Nice
The Council of Tyre
The Barbaric Invaders

12: The Internal History of the Church
Infant Baptism
First Society of Ascetics
Calamities of Rome

13: The Epistle to the Church in Thyatira
Leo the First, Surnamed the Great
Missionary Zeal of Gregory
Romish Hierarchy in England

14: The Spread of Christianity Over Europe
First Preachers in Ireland
First Preachers in Scotland
Foreshadowing of the Man of Sin

15: Mohammed, the False Prophet of Asia.
Religion of Islam
Successors of Mohammed.
Second Council of Nicaea

16: The Silver Line of Sovereign Grace
Origin of the Paulicians
Religious Wars of Charlemagne
Feudal Hierarchical System.

17: The Propagation of Christianity
Louis the Pious
The Slavonians Receive the Gospel
England, Scotland, and Ireland

18: The Church-Building Spirit Revived.
Learning of the Arabs Imported into Christendom
Traces of the Silver Line of God's Grace

19: The Pontificate of Gregory VII
Gregory and Clerical Independence
Celibacy and Simony
The Emperor Deposed by the Pope
Effects of the Papal Policy
Burning of Ancient Rome

20: The Crusades
The First Crusade
The Second Crusade
The Third Crusade
The Remainder of the Crusades

21: Henry V and Gregory's Successors
St. Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux.
The Great Council of the Lateran
Arnold of Brescia

22: The Encroachments of Rome in England
The Introduction of Canon Law into England
Thomas a Becket and Henry II
The "Constitutions of Clarendon"

23: The Theology of the Church of Rome
Mary — Worship
Saint — Worship
Relic — Worship
Extreme Unction
Auricular Confession

24: Innocent III and His Times
Innocent's Views of Popedom
Philip and Otho
Innocent and England
England Surrendered to Rome

25: Innocent and the South of France
Peter Waldo
Raymond a Spiritual Outlaw
The Real Object of the Catholics

26: The Inquisition Established in Languedoc
The Application of Torture
The Auto de Fe
St. Benedict
New Orders — St. Dominic and St. Francis

27: The Approaching Dawn of the Reformation
Christianity in Ireland
Christianity in Scotland
Popery as a System.

28: The Decline of Papal Power
Gregory IX and Frederick II
The Overruling Hand of God
The Humiliation of the Pontiff

29: The Forerunners of the Reformation
Literary Men
The Theologians
The Waldenses
The Dark Year of 1560

30: John Wycliffe
England and the Papacy
Wycliffe and the Bible
The Lollards.

31: The Reformation Movement in Bohemia
The Imprisonment of John Huss
The Arrest and Imprisonment of Jerome
The United Brethren or Moravians

32: The Capture of Constantinople
The First Printed Bible
The Immediate Precursors of Luther
Reflections on the Life of Savonarola

33: The Reformation in Germany
Popery and Mankind
The First Period of Luther's Life
Luther's Conversion

34: The First Papal Jubilee
Luther's Public Appeal
Distinguished Men of the Sixteenth Century
The Diet of Worms

35: Luther at Wartburg.
Luther and the German Bible
The Hundred Grievances
The First Diet of Spires

36: Protestantism
The Lutheran Churches
Meetings of the Protestants

37: The Sacramentarian Controversy
The Conference at Marburg
A Proposal for Toleration and Unity

38: The Council at Bologna
The Diet of Augsburg
The Articles of Faith
The Letters of Melanchthon and Luther

39: The Popish Refutation
The Final Decree
The League of Smalcald
The Peace of Ratisbon

40: The Reformation in Switzerland
Zwingle, Pastor of Glaris
The Rising Storm

41: The Leaders of the Reformation in Switzerland
The Progress of the Reformation-Zurich
Zwingle and His Brothers
The Disputations at Zurich

42: The Results of the Disputations
The Answer of Zurich to Lucerne
The Swiss and German Reformation
The Weapons of Rome's Warfare

43: The General Progress of Reform
The Reformation in Berne
The Conference at Baden
The Great Conference at Berne
The Reformation of Basle

44: The Extension of Reform in Switzerland.
The Five Cantons Form a League with Austria
The Treaty of Cappel
War Declared Against Zurich

45: The Reformation in Germany
The Great Actors Passing Off the Scene
The Death of Luther
Reflections on the Life of Luther

46: The Opening of the Council of Trent
The Smalcald War
The Treachery of Maurice
The German's Treated as a Conquered People

47: "The Interim"
The Revolution in Germany
The Calamities of the Protestants
The Rise of the Jesuits

48: The Effect of the Reformation in Germany on the Nations of Europe
Nations of Europe
Sweden and Denmark
The Netherlands

49: The Reformation in French Switzerland
Early History of William Farel
The Arrival of Calvin in Geneva
Calvin and Calvinism

50: The Reformation in France
The Bible in French at Meaux
Commencement of Persecution in France
The Year of the Placards

51: The Great Progress of the Reformation
The First Planting of the Reformed Church in France
The Saint Bartholomew Massacre
The Council of Trent

52: The Waldenses
The Wars of Extermination
The Sympathy of England
The Persecution and Expulsion of the Waldenses

53: The Reformation in the British Isles
The Fiery Zeal of Cardinal Beaton
George Wishart
John Knox

54: The Reformation in England
The Reformation Begun
The Persecution Begins
Ridley, Latimer, and Cranmer

55: The Reign of Elizabeth
The Puritans
John Wesley
Sunday Schools
Foreign Missions

56: Philadelphia
Church Truth
The Spread of the Truth