Exodus 3:4

How wondrous the condescension of God; He comes near, not to crush us, not to consume us, but to talk with us. Shall we not talk with Him about everything, even as He has to do with us in everything? The object God sets before us is Christ in death and resurrection; not only that, but it is God's estimate of Christ's work and worth, which gives us the privilege of coming thus near to Him, and that enables Him to come thus near to us and not consume us.

Moses says, "Who am I?" (Ex. 3:11). He had not done with self; he had a great schooling before he had done with that, and was satisfied after that, to have to do only with God. What makes us fit for service? If we believe in God, we are as fit today as tomorrow. It is Grace, grace, grace. That's all we want from the first day to the last. The oldest can only the best tell the young ones, that we have nothing, are nothing; all is grace. Our power is the eye of faith being fixed by faith on God's object, not on our own faith; some make this sad mistake. Alas, alas, and turn their eyes on their faith, instead of Him Who died and rose again, God's object.

"This the token," (Ex. 3:12) wondrous token, only for faith to apprehend; God cannot meet your own condition, but by His Christ. Obedience brings you into blessing.

In Exodus 12 we get people put under the privileges of the blood — their security perfect — He purposed to redeem, all contingencies provided for; everything concluded and included in Redemption, from the first movement of spiritual life, till we shout Hallelujah in glory. Of Him and to Him and through Him are all things; Hallelujah. See 1 Cor. 5:7; Christ our Passover." That same night Christ was crucified, the shed blood was the protection of all under its cover — our true shelter this.

Christ's work remains in all its efficacy; but we do not habitually realise this, nor His dwelling in us. Trials, sorrow, sin, what not, overcome us. We must judge ourselves, that we he not judged of the Lord. Power to judge ourselves for evil, is power against it. In His presence we slay it He is near in every time of need — our very present help. Faith in God's word and power is our strength. 'Tis our place to make known our need; 'tis God's to supply our need. How apt are we to forget this. Properly taught in God's word and power, we should only be established by every trial, and so far from thinking it against us, we should see it to be for us. G. V. Wigram.