Brief notes of an address on 1 Peter 5:1-14.

1919 352 The word "subjection" or "subject" occurs seven times in this epistle, and "suffer" or "sufferings" nineteen times. "Likewise ye wives be in subjection" (1 Peter 3:1) — likewise to what? To Him who took the subject place at the end of 1 Peter 2. And how blessed to know that He who took the place of subjection here, has now His place on high with all there subject to Him, at the close of chap. 3!

The holy women who trusted in God adorned themselves with the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit; and we all need it, brothers as well as sisters. We should not have quoted Sarah as in 1 Peter 3:6! She only once called Abram "lord," and then she laughed in unbelief: but God is gracious

To go back to our chapter. Was not the apostle a sufferer? Was he not in prison, and was not prayer made on his behalf? We need to "watch unto prayer," and to abound in it. If you watch to prayer, you will have good reason to rejoice!

"Feed the flock of God." It is very sweet to hear the Lord's sheep spoken of thus! How you find both Paul and Peter warned the saints against the love of money! With regard to the flock, we are not to treat it as our own possession. He valued the flock because of the price paid for it. It is God's. How blessed to think of the Lord Jesus Christ as my Shepherd, and my Overseer! Do I want to serve the Lord? He will give me grace to do it if I but look to Him for it. Humility does not consist in not taking the place grace assigns us. One reason why we have had all our sorrows is the lack of humility. "God resisteth the proud but giveth grace to the humble."

Those of us who seek to serve the Lord in preaching, are we not apt to forget this seventh verse, and to allow the service to come between the Lord and ourselves? I am privileged to cast all my care on Him.

It becomes us to be grave, and to be on our guard. There are some that go about who are arch-deceivers. But we are not alone. "The God of all grace" He knows how to make grace abound toward us. He "has called us to His eternal glory in Christ Jesus" You and I are bound to get there where His glory is. As sinners we came short of it: now we exult in hope of it. Here (ver. 10) we ought to have the word "shall," — "shall Himself make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you." No wonder the apostle breaks out in a note of praise for it! There are similar words in 1 Peter 4:11.

God in His grace encourages us in Himself. The Lord Jesus Christ is quite able to bring us through. We shall never be able to say He did not nourish and cherish His church. But we are called to be children of obedience. He cares for His own glory, and that of the Lord Jesus Christ. May it ever be dear to our hearts! Amen. W.N.T.