King Saul: the man after the flesh.

S. Ridout.

Loizeaux Bros., Bible Truth Depot & Press, 1 East 13th Street. New York.

    Part 1.
The State of the People
The Captivity in the Philistines' Land
God's Care for His own Honor
God's Mercy to His Humbled People
The People's Desire for a King
    Part 2.
The Call of the King
The New King
Tested and Found Wanting
Saul and Jonathan Contrasted
Saul's Foolish Oath
Saul's Kingdom Established
Amalek Spared
The Man after God's own Heart
The Breach between Saul and David
David and Jonathan
The Priesthood in Connection with David and with Saul
Saul's Pursuit of David
The Triumph of Magnanimity
David and Abigail
Contrasts of Faith and Failure
Saul and the Witch of Endor
David with the Philistines
David's Chastening and Recovery
The Death of Saul and Jonathan
David's Lament over Saul and Jonathan