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p252 [From the French.] Mons. Eynard, I have lately much enjoyed the beginning of Genesis. Nothing is more beautiful than the communications of God with Abraham: he knew the Lord when He visited him at Mamre; but in the presence of others, while shewing Him special respect, he leaves Him in His incognito. When once the two angels have departed, and Abraham is alone with the Lord, he opens out his heart to Him, with perfect intimacy and entire confidence. This whole chapter is perfectly beautiful. The spiritual man ought to maintain propriety. He lets himself out in blessed confidence when he is alone with God.

I have occupied myself, during some spare moments I have had, with the order in which the events are related in the first three gospels, and the reason why they are transposed. I have made a table of the three, and am occupied with what is special in the order of Matthew. This throws light also on the purpose of the evangelist, and on the manner in which he pursues that purpose.

February 12th, 1857.