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p253 Dear G V Wigram, - I looked over the [Addresses on the] seven churches which, as notes, barely corrected for what was wrongly taken, were imperfect enough; and I apprehend they are tolerably intelligible, but I did it at request. I know not how far it is to be desired as useful truth, or more available in a spoken lecture. I will do anything about it that is wished, if it be thought useful. I have not a very clear idea of my own as to its practical utility, and therefore thus speak. … At Rotterdam I have found access to a good many, and had one very interesting evening besides visits. I think there is opening for truth, and our position is clear, as we broke bread - four persons, three who were blessed at Pau. I cannot doubt there will be opposition gradually, but I hope some souls will get into a new consciousness of connection with the Lord, before the enemy can close the doors on a good many. … I speak generally in French, with some in German, and if on religious subjects, understand nearly all that is said in Dutch.

As to christian individuality and fellowship in the work, I can only write on what comes to me, nor indeed speak, but I have often spoken on it with my mind clear on it. The examples in scripture are clear enough, as Paul and Silas, Barnabas, Timotheus, Apollos, and others.

Rotterdam, September 2nd, 1857.