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p253 [From the French.] Mons. Eynard, The important thing, and one that is often wanting, is, that Christ should be all; it is to know that we are of the new creation which is in Him, and even that we are the firstfruits of His creatures; that we have to live as being of the new, in this world which is not the new, but the old creation, long ago put to the proof and judged. And what blessedness to be of the new, where all is of God, where all is perfect, and in the unchangeable freshness of the purity of its source! It is infinite blessedness, and ours according to our very nature, only we must have objects. The more I go on, the more the deliverance of souls from this old creation, from this world which passes away, is the desire of my heart, and that the devotedness of the love of Christ should govern the hearts of brethren. …

Some have not feared to say, "We are the church;" and really they give themselves such airs, and facts answer so pitifully to it, that there is nothing more hurtful. They assume to recommence the church ab ovo; they do not do so. One comes out of an immense system of ruin and corruption to recover what one can; and when we pretend to have all, it is that conscience disregards our true state. From that moment there cannot be solid and lasting blessing. False pretensions are not the way to blessing.

Rotterdam, September 7th, 1857.