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p265 [Mme Schor] DEAR SISTER, - M.M. asked me from you how far sisters might break bread together in a place where there are no brethren. With regard to our position in Christ, it is clear that there is neither male nor female, but we are all one. But upon this earth, there is a certain order which becomes the house of God, as it is found in the word. So I do not believe there is anything wanting in the validity of the Lord's supper, if sisters take it together, but evidently it is an exceptional case. Thus if christian women were in a desert island, I do not see why they should not enjoy sometimes the Lord's supper. You are rather so,* as far as isolation is concerned, but not concerning the world with which you are surrounded. Thus, I think you cannot do better than what you are doing, if I have understood M. rightly, that is, not to take it regularly. It would soon become a kind of testimony of an unnatural character; but taking it from time to time, when you feel the want of it for yourselves. It is still a more private act when not done as a regular thing like an assembly, but only for the want of your souls, and you would not go out of your place.
{*In Russia.}

Be then of good courage, dear Mrs. -, as also the sisters that are with you. The Lord is with you, as with others outwardly more favoured. I have often seen isolated souls, if they kept close to the Lord, making more progress than those who enjoyed greater spiritual advantages. The latter thought that all that they enjoyed was of their faith, when it was not, whilst what one possesses alone, at least one possesses with God; and in reading the word with some helps given to aid you, the grace of the Lord gives the best food and true teaching, for He is full of grace and always faithful. Count on Him and look to Him, and all will be well. Soon we shall see Him. Peace be with you from Him. Salute the sisters from me, although I do not know them.

Your devoted servant in Christ.