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p266 * * * In Christ Jesus there is neither male nor female, so that abstractedly the prayers of and communion amongst sisters is in itself as valid as amongst brethren, and if in their right place He would be in the midst of two or three sisters as of two or three brethren.

But there is an order in the house of God, as to which we have passages in scripture, shewing there is a difference. Thus the woman's head was to be covered when under the power of the Spirit. Men were to pray everywhere: women adorned with modest apparel, etc. Women were to keep silence in the assembly. This last passage shews that an assembly composed of women is not contemplated in scripture. I do not think if three women were cast upon a desert island, or in similar circumstances, it would preclude them for ever from taking the Lord's supper; but it is evidently an extreme and exceptional act to be resorted to only in an extreme case, and acknowledging the special character of it, and relinquishing when not compelled to do it, and done with the utmost privacy if done at all, because there is no other means possible of enjoying the privilege. As a matter of order, it would annul itself (if done, save as a resource, where it was otherwise impossible) with discipline exercised by sisters, or by some other persons outside. I do not think scripture would recognise it as an assembly, so that while I should not dispute the fact that the Lord's supper is partaken of, except in the impossibility of doing it in any other way it would not be according to the order of God's house. Where other means of doing it exist, it is clearly disorder, because such sisters would be doing it apart from the assembly.

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