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2 Chronicles


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The scope of the book

This Second Book of Chronicles unfolds the reign of the son of David and of the family of David. It does not commence with the faith of David at the ark, but with the tabernacle that Moses, the servant of Jehovah had set up, and the brazen altar, at which the king and the congregation worshipped. The kingly power is realised in connection with Israel, the people of God whom Moses brought out of Egypt.* It is the means by which the purposes of God with respect to them are accomplished; it is not yet assuredly a new covenant by a new power, but the object of blessing is Israel. If it is Boaz and Ruth who raise up the family, it is to Naomi that a son is born, that is, through sovereign grace, by a redeemer "in whom is strength"**: one who had no title (and Israel had no more any) is introduced into the enjoyment of the promises. Israel, long known as the "pleasant one"*** of God, is the people which receives into its bosom the son that is born. To us, they say, a son is born (Isaiah 9:7). At the altar which was before Jehovah in the tabernacle of the congregation Solomon recognises his position. He is to judge the people of God. Hereafter all this shall take place in power.
{* But the connection is not with the ark in Zion He goes, historically, where the people are.
** Such is the meaning of the name of Boaz.
*** Naomi means "my pleasant one."}

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