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Chapter 11

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The leaders judged; the remnant distinguished; the glory forsakes the city

In Ezekiel 11 God judges the leaders of iniquity, who comforted themselves in the thought that the city was impregnable.* They should be brought out from the midst thereof and be judged in the border of Israel. One of these wicked men dies in the presence of the prophet, which brings out the sorrow of his heart and his intercession for Israel. In reply, God distinguishes those in Jerusalem from the captives. As to the latter, God had been a sanctuary to them wherever they were. He would restore them, and give them back the land. He would purify them, and give them a new heart. They should be His people, and He would be their God. But as for those who walked after their abominations, their ways should be visited upon them in judgment. The remnant are always distinguished, and individual conduct is the condition of blessing, save that they, the faithful, are established as the people of God at the end.
{* Jeremiah's exhortations will be remembered — to submit themselves to Nebuchadnezzar, and even to quit the city and go forth unto him.}

The glory of Jehovah then forsakes the city and stands upon the Mount of Olives, from which Jesus ascended, and to which He will again descend for Israel's glory. This part of the prophecy ends here.

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