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Chapter 7

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Solemn judgment pronounced on the whole land: Israel no longer a nation

Finally (Ezek. 7), the whole land of Israel is under the sentence of God, "the four corners of the land." Those who escape the general judgment mourn alone upon the mountains, having forsaken all in despair — having no power for resistance. The worst of the heathen should possess the land. And the ornament of the majesty of Jehovah, which He had established in glory, having been profaned by their abominations, should be given up into the hands of strangers to be profaned by them. The secret place of His holiness should be polluted. Mischief should come upon mischief, and there should be no remedy. Jehovah would judge the people according to their deserts.

Solemn judgment was thus pronounced on the whole nation. All is desolate, and with respect to the relations of Israel with God — whether on the part of the people themselves, or by means of the house of David which was responsible for the maintenance of these relations — all was finally lost. Grace may act; but the people and the house of David had totally failed. The name of God had been blasphemed through His people, instead of being glorified. The execution of judgment is now the only testimony rendered to Him. The judgment is complete, it has fallen on the four corners of the land, and Israel is no longer a nation. What a solemn thought it is, that judgment should be the only testimony that can be given to God!

Ezekiel 7 closes this first prophecy, which is one of vast importance, as declaring the judgment to be fully executed upon the people of God on earth.

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