H J Vine

Mr H J Vine's printed ministry is included on the STEM site with many thanks to Andrew Langham, who pains-takingly scanned these articles.

Sources of Articles

A Great Change
“A Great High Priest Over the House of God”
“A Letter as to the Truth and Those who Hold It” (3 John)
“A Place For You”
A Stone, Elect, Precious
A Test
A Victory for the Truth
Administration and Reconciliation
Answered Questions
Are Believers to Seek “More Light”?
Are You Really Free?
As He That Serves
Assembling Together
Called Out and Called Into
Christ and His Brethren
Christ and Oneness
Christ in Isaiah
“Christ Jesus, Our Hope”
Christ the Beloved
Christ, The Son over God’s House
Complete in Him who is the Head
Continue in the Son and the Father
Correspondence—The Lord’s Table
Desiring but not Progressing
Divine Assurance
Divine Delight
Divine Strengthening
Divisions: Are they Justifiable?
Eternal Life and Eternal Relationship
“Faith” and “The Faith”
Fear Ye Not
Fountains of Living Water
“Free” Yet “Subject”
From Wretchedness to Rejoicing
Gatherings of Assembly Character
Genesis: The Beginning and End
“Glorify God in Your Body”
God’s Children
God’s Order in Wilderness Disorders
God’s Organism or Man’s Organizations?
Grace Reigns
Great Rejoicing and Manifold Trials
“He … Became Obedient”
“He Saw No Corruption”
“Here I am”
“Honour the Son”
How God is Known as Father
How to Conduct Oneself in God’s House which is the Assembly of the Living God
“I Come Quickly: Hold Fast”
“I have Loved Thee … I Come Quickly”
“I Have Overcome”
“I Trust My Soul to Jesus”
“In Christ Jesus”
“In the Midst of the Assembly”
Inclusive and Exclusive
The Prophet Jeremiah
Jerusalem and its Royal Owner (As seen by Zechariah)
Jesus: the Doer of God’s Will
Jesus, The Son of God
Joint Partakers of God’s Promise
“Let Him Boast”
Leviticus and Hebrews
Light Divine
Light For All
Love in Redemption
“Love to All the Saints”
“Love to the Brethren”
Lovers! Of What and Whom
“Made Nigh”
Ministering To The Lord in Assembly
Moral Bankruptcy or Spiritual Wealth
Musical Instruments of God
“My Father”
My Soul Waits upon God
“No” to the World, “Yes” to God
“Not Ashamed”
“Not Forsaking the Assembling of Ourselves Together”
Notes of Bible Readings on Romans, 1911
“One Flock, One Shepherd”
Oneness or Uniformity?
Our Great Example
Our Spirits
Pleasing Men
Power To Apprehend The Truth
“Praising and Blessing God”
Precious Stones of Scripture
Present Effects of the “Blessed Hope”
Progress and Prosperity
Purpose of Heart
Questions on Prophetic Subjects
“Recover us Again”
Redeemed and Reconciled
Rejoice Evermore
Pray Unceasingly
Rendered Fruitless
Revelation and Reconciliation
Salt is Good
Salvation and Reconciliation
Serving A Saviour
Show us the Father
Some Distinctions of the Son of Man
“Sound in the Faith”
Supplications, Prayers, Intercessions, and Thanksgivings
Tell My Brethren
“That Which is Spiritual”
That Worthy Name
“The All-Varied Wisdom of God”
The Alphabetical Scriptures; or The Divine Acrostics
The Assembly of God
“The Bread of the Mighty”
The Christ of God
The Corn of Canaan
The Ear
The Eternal Love of God
“The Faith” or Something Else?
The Faithful Witness
The Father in the Revelation
The Father’s Love and God’s
The Father’s Name
The Father’s Name for Preservation
The Father’s Name in Manifestation
The Father’s Name Made Known
“The Fear of the Lord”
The Fellowship and the Glories of God’s Son
The Fight of Faith
The Five Unfoldings
The Gift of the Spirit
“The Head of the Body, the Assembly” (1)
“The Head of the Body, the Assembly” (2)
The Hearing Ear
The Highway for the Saints of God
“The Holy Spirit of Promise”
The Holy Spirit’s Witness and God’s Children
The Kingdom and the Returning King
The Liberty of Grace
The Living One
The Lord’s Coming, as it will Affect the Assembly
The Lord’s Return
The Lord’s Supper
The Love of the Brethren
The Mighty Men of David
The Mystery of God’s Will
The New Man
The Oil of Gladness
The One Foundation
The One whom God Delights to Honour
The Overcomer’s Riches, Reward and Rest
The Pierced One
The Rapture and the Appearing, or Sovereignty and Responsibility
The Resurrection of the Dead
The Resurrection Proved
The Revival of Spiritism; What it Indicates
“The Riches of the Glory of this Mystery”
The Sacrifice of Praise
The Same, The First and The Last
The Saving of the Soul
The Seed
The Shepherd Seeking the Sheep
The Sign in the Depth and in the Height
The Son and Life
The Son and Life, and Word and Wisdom
The Son and the Universe
“The Son” in All Supremacy and God “All in All”
“The Son is the Son of Man”
“The Son of God”
The Son of God and Resurrection
The Son of God Loved Me
The Son of the Father
The Son of the Father’s Love
The Son’s Rights in Creation
The Sure Remedy
“The Testimony of the Lord is Sure”
“The True God and Eternal Life”
The Truth or its Effects?
The Unanswered Question
The Unity of the Spirit and the Unity of the Faith
The Unknown One
The Word and Life
The Work and Worthiness of the Lamb of God
The World’s Maker, Israel’s King and God’s Children
“There is One Body and One Spirit”
To Know Him
To those that Fear the Lord
Unity and Peace
“Upward Still”
Visiting the Iniquity of the Fathers Upon the Children
Walking Heavenward
What is the Position of a True Believer in Regard to the Nations?
What is the Power of Gathering?
“When He Comes Home”
“Who is this Son of Man?”
Wisdom and Grace; or, Within and Without
Wisdom and Life
Words of Spirit and Life
“Yet Not I, But—”


A Song of the Son of Man
Bless the Lord! or Lest we forget
Fear Not!
“He is Risen”
“He that has an ear let him hear”
Ho Ev’ry One That Thirsteth, Come Ye
Hold Fast
In Thy Presence
My Soul Waits upon God (poem)
“One Shepherd”
“One thing I do”
Only on Thee I’d Wait
Sometimes my Heart O’erflows With Song
Tell Out the Saviour’s Fame!
“That Day”
The Bread of Life
The Father
The Father’s Glorified
The Morning Star
The Power Which He Has
The Son of the Father (2)
There is None Other but Jesus, the Lord
Trees of Scripture
’Twas For Me My Saviour Suffered