W. T. P. Wolston

Biographical Note

Behold the Bridegroom!

Lecture 1 — The Morning Star
Lecture 2 — The Apostasy and Antichrist
Lecture 3 — The Times of the Gentiles
Lecture 4 — The Great Tribulation
Lecture 5 — The Sun of Righteousness
Lecture 6 — The Stone Cut Out Without Hands
Lecture 7 — Israel and the Assyrian
Lecture 8 — A King shall Reign in Righteousness
Lecture 9 — The New Jerusalem
Lecture 10 — The Eternal State

The "Forty Days" of Scripture:

Noah's Forty Days
Joseph's Forty Days
Moses' Forty Days
Moses' Second Forty Days
Caleb's Forty Days
Goliath's Forty Days
Elijah's Forty Days
Ezekiel's Forty Days
Jonah's Forty Days
Satan's Forty Days
The Lord Jesus' Forty Days: 1 2 3 4 5 6

The Church: What is it?

Lecture 1 — New Departure
Lecture 2 — A Notable Birthday
Lecture 3 — The House of God
Lecture 4 — Established and Endowed
Lecture 5 — The Body of Christ
Lecture 6 — The Holy Spirit's Temple
Lecture 7 — Gifts, Ministry, and Local Office
Lecture 8 — The Candlestick and the Bride
Lecture 9 — King David's New Cart
Lecture 10 — The Calf and the Camp

"Handfuls of Purpose"

From Egypt to Canaan
Backsliding and Restoration
David; or Faith's Experience
The King in His Beauty
Reciprocal Affection
Jehoshaphat's Victory
Nehemiah and His Workers
Overcoming: Its Secret
The Beatitudes
Personal Attachment
The Gospel, The Church, and the Servant
"That the Church May Receive Edifying"
Gift, and Local Office
A Man in Christ; and, A Man of God
Faith's Encouragement in Evil Days
Waiting and Watching

Night Scenes of Scripture

A Night in Bethlehem — Incarnation
A Night in Bethlehem — Adoration
A Night of Flight — Rejection
A Night on a Mount — Transfiguration
A Night of Sorrow — Propitiation
A Night in Darkness — Regeneration
A Night in Egypt — Redemption
A Night in the Sea — Salvation
A Night in a Camp — Appropriation
A Night among the Stars — Justification
A Night in Sodom — Procrastination
A Night of Wrestling — Determination
A Night in a Palace — Admonition
A Night among Lions — Devotion
A Night in a Counting-House — Miscalculation
A Night in Prison — Emancipation
A Night Without a Morning — Resurrection

Seekers for Light

A Fisherman's Discovery
Truth — What is it?
A Publican's Guest
A Ruler's Difficulty
A Thief's Confession
Grace — What is it?
A Chancellor of the Exchequer's Dilemma
Eternal Life- How to get it
A Soldier's Desire
Faith — What is it?
A Jailor's Enquiry
A Rich Man's Perplexity
A Prisoner and a King
"No Man Can Serve Two Masters"

Simon Peter — His Life and Letters

Simon Peter, 1 Conversion etc.
Simon Peter, 2 His Questions etc.
Simon Peter, 3 The Cripple etc.
Simon Peter, 4 His Letters — 1
Simon Peter, 5 His Letters — 2

"Another Comforter"

Lecture 1 The Spirit in Old Testament Times
Lecture 2 "Born of Water and of the Spirit"
Lecture 3 "A Well of Water;" or, "Worship in Spirit and in truth"
Lecture 4 "Rivers of Living Water"
Lecture 5 "Another Comforter… the Spirit of truth"
Lecture 6 "Receive Ye the Holy Ghost;" or, "Life more abundantly"
Lecture 7 The Day of Pentecost
Lecture 8 The Gift of the Spirit
Lecture 9 "In Christ"
Lecture 10 The Baptism of the Spirit
Lecture 11 The Gifts of the Spirit
Lecture 12 Spiritual Offices
Lecture 13 "The Seven Spirits of God"

Young Men of Scripture

Lecture 1 — The First Young Man — Conquered
Lecture 2 — The Second Man — Conquering
Lecture 3 — Two Leaders with Many Followers
Lecture 4 — Joseph; or, Temptation and triumph
Lecture 5 — Moses; or, Refusing and choosing
Lecture 6 — Jonathan; or, A good start
Lecture 7 — A Young Man of Egypt; or, A change of masters
Lecture 8 — Mephibosheth: or, A good finish
Lecture 9 — A young man named Saul

The Call of the Bride
The Gospel from the book of Ruth
Records of Grace
Streams from the Fountain of Life
Gospel Narratives A Student Story and others
Auld John; or, Grace and Debt


Barabbas or Jesus?
Christ and Christianity
Earth, Heaven, and Hell
"I Have a Message from God to Thee"
"Go to Joseph"
"Remember Lot's Wife"
A Man in Christ; and A Man of God
A Mediator and a Ransom
Christ's Three Appearings
Three Great Facts, and Their Effects
One Appeal More
The Two Alexanders
Reciprocal Affection
A Rent Veil, A Risen Saviour, A Redeemed Sinner
God's Salvation and the Scorner's Doom