STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : Hymns by Mary Bowley (Mrs Peters) (1813-1856) (biography)
6 JESUS --- how much Thy name unfolds
16 MANY sons to glory bringing
56 O LORD, how blest our journey
111 BY Thee, O God, invited
114 THE holiest we enter
153 WHOM have we, Lord, but Thee
156 "PRAISE ye the Lord," again, again
206 O LORD, we know it matters nought
275 OUR God is light: and though we go
302 O BLESSED Lord, what hast Thou done
316 WE are by Christ redeemed:
334 THROUGH the love of God our Saviour
411 REST, my soul, the work is done
434 WE'RE pilgrims in the wilderness:
466 O LORD, of Thee we ne'er would tire