Bagstaff or Littlewood.


There is no information in Julian about a Bagstaff, but Mr. William Edenser Littlewood, M.A. was born in London, Aug. 2nd. 1831 and educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge (B.A. 1854) and Vicar of St. James, Bath, 1872-1881. Published "A Garland from the Parables, 1857" from which "There is no love like the love of Jesus" (Love of Jesus) is taken. He died September 3rd. 1886.

His hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is no. 273, "O Lord, how does Thy mercy throw". This is not a hymn that is popular in my experience, but it expresses good sentiments and finishes on a note of triumph.

Hymns by Bagstaff or Littlewood.