John Beaumont.

Julian has very little information to give concerning this hymn writer.

He includes an item as follows: "1834. John Beaumont. 'Original Psalms, or Sacred Songs, taken from the Psalms of David and Imitated in the Language of the New Testament, in twenty different metres'. Printed at Shewsbury."

Notes from the Little Flock Hymn Book by Adrian Roach:

Napoleon Noel in his History of the Brethren mentions John Beaumont as preaching the Gospel in 1871 among those who gathered to the Lord's Name. Mr. Noel sat under John Beaumont's preaching of the Word of God. When Mr. G.V. Wigram died, Mr. Beaumont was one of the brethren who took part in the services at the grave. He read a few passages from the New Testament, concluding with the closing verses of the Book of Revelation.

Beaumont's hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is number 238. "Our Shepherd is the Lord, The living Lord Who died". In the 1856, 1894 and 1928 editions the first line of this hymn is rendered "My Shepherd is the Lamb". The 1881, 1903 and 1978 editions however, have the first line, "Our Shepherd is the Lord". It is a favourite hymn which is often sung in the gatherings of the saints.

Hymns by John Beaumont