Richard de Courcy, 1743-1803.

Julians account is as follows:

Richard de Courcy, M.A., born in Ireland in 1743, and educated in Trinity College, Dublin. Having received Deacon's Orders, he became in 1767, curate to the Rev. Walter Shirley; but his theological views being obnoxious to Dr. Smythe, the Archbishop of Dublin, he was refused ordination and inhibited from preaching. These circumstances led to his being invited by Lady Huntingdon to England, and his joining her band of preachers. After some time, through Lady Huntingdon's influence, he was ordained by the Bishop of Lichfield. In 1770 he became curate of Sawbury, Salop, and in 1774, Vicar of St.Alkmond's, Shrewsbury. The latter he retained to his death in 1803. His theological views, work, and other matters concerning him are dwelt upon with some detail in the Life and Times of the Countess of Huntingdon, 1839. His published works include "Some Elegiac Lines upon the Death of the Rev. G. Whitefield", 1771; "Christ Crucified", a reply to Dr. Priestly in 2 vols. 1791, and Various Sermons, etc.

De Courcy's hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is no. 442, "In weakness and trial with God we may plead". It was included in the versions of the Little Flock 1856, 1881, 1894 and 1928. It was not included in the 1903 version by T.H. Reynolds.

Hymns by Richard de Courcy