Samuel Davies, 1723-1761.

Mr. Davies was sent to England to solicit donations for the College of New Jersey. In the same year, also, he received the degree of M.A. In 1759 he was honoured by being offered the Presidency of New Jersey Presbyterian College; but only for a short time was he spared to occupy this responsible position, for in 1761 he died at the age of 37.

Two curious, but unconscious prophecies were spoken by Dr. Davies in his sermons. In 1755 he expressed the opinion that young George Washington was divinely preserved "for some important service to his country", and the text of the first sermon he preached in the year of his death (1761) was, "This year thou shalt die". (Jeremiah 28:16).

The Rev. Robinson, in helping Samuel Davies, provides an interesting illustration of wisdom in a servant of God. He was offered a gift expressing the fellowship and love of those whom he had served. He reluctantly accepted the gift and then used it to help a fellow believer. The Lord's servant can often use gifts given to him in this way. He knows where there is need better than most people, and in wisdom can meet the need in the Lord's Name.

Hymn 409 in the 'Spiritual Songs' Hymnbook, "Eternal Praise, our God, shall rise" is by Samuel Davies. It is not included in G.V. Wigram's hymnbook of 1856, but included in Mr. Darby's edition of 1881. It was also included in 1894 (W. Kelly), 1903 (T.H. Reynolds), and 1928 (W.J. Hocking).

[See also hymn 353 "Great God of wonders" in the 'Spiritual Songs' book. — Ed.]

Hymns by Samuel Davies